Women in Love (2011) short review


Major caveat: I have never read the 1920 novel this is based on! So, DH Lawrence sure thought he knew a lot about women, eh? Two sisters try to find sexual fulfillment and love in a painful, overly intellectual way. Rosamund Pike and Rachael Stirling are both great actresses, and they do a great job in their roles. However, they’re constrained by the plot, which goes through some weird twists and turns, and is full of people doing very stupid things if their goal in life is to be happy — of course, if they like despair and suffering, then they’re totally on track! The costuming is well done, with Gudrun in some particularly nice artsy 1920s gear. Sorry, apparently I’m not Lawrence’s target market!


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Kendra has been a fixture in the online costuming world since the late 1990s. Her website, Démodé Couture, is one of the most well-known online resources for historical costumers. In the summer of 2014, she published a book on 18th-century wig and hair styling. Kendra is a librarian at a university, specializing in history and fashion. She’s also an academic, with several articles on fashion history published in research journals.

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  1. Heather Christine Ripley

    I’m curious about watching this film, and while researching found that it’s actually a remake of a 1969 Ken Russell version with Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed. Now I may rent both from Netflix, but knowing Ken Russell’s other films, I suspect the older version maybe more interesting to watch (though costumes could be troublesome). https://www.thefilmyap.com/movies/women-in-love-1969/