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Wolf Hall started (and ended) about two months ago in the United Kingdom. There were a number of interesting news articles that came out at that time, particularly since the series was made in the UK, which may have passed you by at the time. Here’s a round-up of interesting British news that you may want to go back and read! Almost all of these focus on the production or interviewing the cast, so there shouldn’t be any major spoilers.

2015 Wolf Hall

Henry’s horrible history: You won’t find any left-handers or extras in specs. Accuracy is king in the most eagerly anticipated TV event of the year … but how does Wolf Hall stand up to the scrutiny of one historian? (Daily Mail Jan 3, 2015) — Lucy Worsley, Joint Chief Curator at Britain’s Historic Royal Palaces and frequent TV presenter interviews the actors and production team.

Wolf Hall: Behind the scenes of the BBC’s Hilary Mantel adaptation with Damian Lewis and Mark Rylance (The Telegraph Jan 10, 2015) — A reporter watches the filming and discusses the production including costumes, set, script, etc. Don’t miss this one!

Claire Foy interview: The Wolf Hall star on politics in the Tudor court and Hollywood (The Independent Jan 10, 2015) — A longer interview with the actress who played Anne Boleyn.

Bring up the bodice! Actress Charity Wakefield on playing the other Boleyn girl (Daily Mail Jan 10, 2015) – Interview with the actress who plays Mary Boleyn.

Why isn’t Henry VIII fat and other Wolf Hall mysteries explained (The Telegraph Jan 21, 2015) — A historian dispels common Tudor myths and helps situate the series.

A £7m budget. A stellar cast. Why the BBC’s unmissable Wolf Hall could be the … Greatest Period Drama Ever Made (Daily Mail Jan 15, 2015) — Tons of info about the production, actors, and why all the buzz.

Behind-the-scenes with the costume makers for Wolf Hall, Broadchurch, and Doctor Who (The Independent Jan 16, 2015) — Behind the scenes with costume designer Joanna Eatwell, including her background, how the costumes were made, etc. Don’t miss this one!

Damian Lewis’s inspiration for Wolf Hall’s Henry VIII: ‘Wills and Harry’ (The Telegraph Jan 21, 2015) — The actor who plays Henry VIII on how he prepared for the role.

Costume close-up: Wolf Hall (Angels Fancy Dress Jan 26, 2015) — Blog post by Angels costumiers, which was the production house for many of the costumes.

Wolf Hall star Claire Foy reveals she was emotional filming Anne Boleyn death scene (Mirror Jan 27, 2015) — Short article on the actress’s feelings on playing Anne Boleyn.

Wolf Hall: Bring up the bodices … how Tudor costumes of Damian Lewis, Claire Foy, and Mark Rylance measure up (London Evening Standard Jan 29, 2015) — Semi-cheeseball article where reporters go to the National Theatre Costume Hire Department and try on “Tudor” costumes.

Claire Foy interview: “Anne Boleyn is the underdog, but she has massive balls…” (The Big Issue Feb 4, 2015) — A longer interview with the actress who played Anne Boleyn.

Wolf Hall: Who was Thomas Cromwell? The key facts (The Telegraph Feb 4, 2015) — Biographical portrait of the real Cromwell.

Wolf Hall’s Claire Foy on Anne Boleyn: “She had bigger balls than anyone at Henry’s court” (Radio Times Feb 4, 2015) — Another interview with the actress playing Anne Boleyn.

BBC blew £20,000 on Wolf Hall candles, says director (The Guardian Feb 10, 2015) — How they accomplished the low-lighting shots.

In conversation: Costume designer Joanna Eatwell (BBC Academy Feb 12, 2015) — Podcast discussing primary sources, how she worked on each character, sumptuary laws, historical accuracy, the process of making the costumes, and how she got her start in costume design; plus brief article showing costume designs.

The truth about the Wolf Hall codpieces: An interview with costume designer Joanna Eatwell (History Extra Feb 18, 2015) — Detailed interview with Wolf Hall‘s costume designer, including her research, historical accuracy, costume disasters, working with the actors, and lots of details on the production. **Don’t miss this one!**

Why historical inaccuracies in Wolf Hall don’t matter (The Guardian Feb 26, 2015) — What’s inaccurate in Wolf Hall, and does it matter? (May be spoiler-y.)

2015 Wolf Hall

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  1. Michael

    I didn’t find Wolf Hall as brilliant as other people did. I’ve seen the whole series as I live in Ireland. The costumes were adequate for me, but they just didn’t feel lavish enough. The biggest thing which irked me was the obvious faux fur on some costumes. When making a period piece it is necessary to use real fur for the sake of accuracy and aesthetics, in my opinion. They looked accurate, but they just didn’t feel ostentatious enough for me.

  2. Melissa Savage

    You’re kidding right? You wanted them to kill some wolves, foxes, and ermine for the sake of a television show?