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Natasha Little isn’t necessarily a Big Name in frock flicks, but she’s played some major roles — most notably, Becky Sharp in the 1998 BBC adaptation of Vanity Fair. She’s still going, playing Cromwell’s wife Elizabeth in Wolf Hall. Let’s take a look at this sometimes under-the-radar actress who deserves more recognition!

Far from the Madding Crowd (1998)

As Fanny Robin, a destitute mother who dies tragically in the Thomas Hardy novel.

1998 Far from the Madding Crowd

Who apparently can’t afford hairpins?

Vanity Fair (1998)

As Becky Sharp, anti-heroine of Thackeray’s novel.

1998 Vanity Fair

This production was very well costumed!

1998 Vanity Fair

Becky is ALL bitchy glam.

1998 Vanity Fair

Gotta love those military-inspired Regency styles!

The Clandestine Marriage (1999)

As the ingenue in this adaptation of the 1766 stage play.

1999 The Clandestine Marriage

They did some weird things with prints in this thing.

1999 The Clandestine Marriage

She needs a curling iron, he needs some pomade.

1999 The Clandestine Marriage

Ok those ringlets are better…

1999 The Clandestine Marriage

I guess this is a dressing gown? Because it’s SO not 1760s!

Another Life (2001)

As a woman who has an affair, which leads to some dark turns, in World War I and 1920s London.

2001 Another Life

She looks SO GOOD in 1920s.

2001 Another Life

I also like her as a brunette. And as a blonde!

2001 Another Life

Ioan Gruffudd! (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)

2001 Another Life

Byron (2003)

As Augusta Leigh, half-sister (and maybe more?) to Romantic poet Lord Byron.

2003 Byron

There were some hairpin issues, but otherwise it was well done.

2003 Byron

She was WEIRDLY PERKY in her first scene… I was surprised when she didn’t turn out to be a ditz!

Vanity Fair (2004)

Returning to the Thackeray novel, this time in a supporting role, the kind Lady Jane Sheepshanks Crawley (wife of Rawdon’s brother), in the feature film version.

2004 Vanity Fair

It’s sadly hard to find any pics of Little in this, but she’s in a bunch of scenes!

2004 Vanity Fair

Just noticed the Greek key design on her dress!

Poirot: “Cat Among the Pigeons” (2008)

In one episode of the 1930s Agatha Christie detective serial.

2008 Poirot- Cat Among the Pigeons

That’s Little on the right, in the cool deco print.

2008 Poirot- Cat Among the Pigeons

She’s got the perfect look for deco.

2008 Poirot- Cat Among the Pigeons

That bow is TOO perfect!

Any Human Heart (2010)

An English novelist’s life traced from the 1920s through the 1950s; Natasha plays supporting character Allanah Mountstuart.

2010 Any Human Heart

I guess this is from the 50s scenes?

Young James Herriot (2011)

A miniseries based on James Herriot, the veterinarian who was the inspiration for All Creatures Great and Small. Little plays Elspeth, a friend of Herriot.

2011 Young James Herriot

I would have bet you $1000 that this was from Miss Fisher!

Breathless (2013)

A TV series about a hospital staff who perform illegal abortions in 1960s England.

2013 Breathless

Little is in front, in orange.

2013 Breathless

This is very Betty Draper.

Wolf Hall (2015)

As Elizabeth Wyckes Cromwell, wife of Thomas Cromwell, in Tudor England.

2015 Wolf Hall

We specifically loved the gentry costumes, like those worn by Little!

What’s your favorite Natasha Little frock flick role?


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6 Responses

  1. LydiaR

    I enjoyed the costuming in the 1998 Vanity Fair, but I hated her character (which is appropriate). I also quite enjoyed Breathless and I wish it had more than one season.

  2. Susan Pola Staples

    Gotta say that the only 3 I’ve seen are Vanity Fair where she’s Lady Jane, Young James Herriot and Wolf Hall. My favourite is Wolf Hall.

  3. Saraquill

    I’ve only seen Wolf Hall, but that’s nothing to sneeze at.

  4. André Vinícius

    hi, could you write a text about the sausage curls and how they are used in period films?

  5. SarahV

    Any Human Heart was such a sad, sad story. Her character in this piece was a a vicious wretch, as I recall.

  6. Michael NEISS

    Little is an extremely talented and beautiful actress who appears surprisingly shy during interviews …