WCW: Minnie Driver


She’s the girl next door, the goddess, the sexpot, whatever you want her to be, she can do it all. Today we celebrate Minnie Driver’s historical costume flicks!


The House of Eliott (1991-94) – Mary

The House of Elliot (1991-94)

So young! This was one of Minnie Driver’s earliest screen roles.


Mr. Wroe’s Virgins (1993) – Leah

Mr. Wroe's Virgins (1993)

This is one of those shows I spent far longer than I should have trying to track down online. The only clips available are on porn sites, though.


Circle of Friends (1995) – Benny

Circle of Friends (1995)

My first exposure to Minnie Driver. It’s a fantastic movie, but it’s definitely one of those “this is supposed to be period?” films where everything looks suspiciously contemporary with the era the film was made in. It’s supposed to be set in the ’50s.


Big Night (1996) – Phyllis

Big Night (1996)

The bombshell girlfriend of Stanley Tucci’s character, Minnie looks highly edible, don’t you think?


The Governess (1998) – Rosina da Silva

The Governess (1998)

I still have no idea what this film is really about, because every time I’ve watched it I’ve gotten lost in the wacky costuming. At least Minnie is stunning no matter what she’s wearing.


An Ideal Husband (1999) – Miss Mabel Chiltern

1999 An Ideal Husband

I. LOVE. THIS. FILM. There are so many reasons why, but honestly, it’s Minnie Driver’s range of “bitch please” expressions that really are the icing on the cake.


The Phantom of the Opera (2004) – La Carlotta

2004 The Phantom of the Opera

There are so many amazing costumes worn by La Carlotta, but this one takes the, er, cake.


The Red Tent (2014) – Leah

2014 The Red Tent

Haven’t gotten around to watching this, but it looks visually gorgeous. I’m not usually one for biblical stories, but I’ll watch Minnie Driver in just about anything.


What’s your favorite historical costume movie featuring the talents of Minnie Driver?

10 Responses

  1. Susan Pola

    An Ideal Husband. Her Mabel Chiltern holds her own against Oscar winners Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore. Mabel is no fool.

  2. Linda Merrill

    Loved Ideal Husband. Also, saw one of her Phantom Costumes in a costume exhibit on Cape Cod this summer. Really beautiful. The green/pink riding habit style day dress, I guess. Couldn’t find pics online of her wearing it.

  3. Carolyn

    I had no idea Circle of Friends was supposed to be set in the 50s. I just thought Ireland had a very conservative society…

  4. indiaedghillI

    The Red Tent not only pretty much guts the book, but the women go trapsing around arid lands and deserts circa 1500 BC in Lovely Drifting Layers that drag on the ground. And they don’t have anything coveing their heads. I kept thinking “Sunstroke, anyone?”

  5. Katie

    Wasn’t she also the Red Violin? IMDB isn’t being helpful, since I don’t think that the Hot Gypsy Girl had a name.

  6. mmcquown

    The Governess, because she screwed the guy who was trying to screw her in more ways than one. Based, I gather, on a true story.

  7. SarahV

    I don’t know if the 70’s -quite- count as historical (yet), but she was fabulous as the slightly burned out yet faaaaaaaaabuloulsy boho music teacher in Hunky Dory. That backless black dress in the finale was amazing and she looked stunning.

  8. Sheri

    Does anyone know what material was used to make Rosina’s black dress from The Governess? It almost looks like leather but it doesn’t move like it.

  9. Angie Wilson

    Have you ever considered reviewing the 2004 version of Phantom of the Opera? The costumes look pretty good. And I loved her Carlotta. Especially that dog.