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Ever since she played Isabella of Castile in the TV show IsabelMichelle Jenner seems to be THE historical costume actress in Spanish cinema. Let’s take a look at her various frock flick roles!


La princesa de Éboli (2010)

A TV movie about the real-life Spanish noblewoman Ana de Mendoza de la Cerda y de Silva Cifuentes, Princess of Eboli,. Jenner plays Anna of Austria, Queen of Spain.

2010 La princesa de Eboli

I’m guessing she’s pregnant based on the hand gestures?

2010 La princesa de Eboli

I like the ruff!


Isabel (2011-14)

As Queen Isabella of Castile in this Spanish TV bio-series.

Isabel (2011-14)

Some of the costumes in this look AMAZE-BALLS.

El ministerio del tiempo season 1 2015

However, I watched a few episodes and did not get to see them, instead got this poly baroque princess crap.

Isabel (2011–2014)


2011-14 Isabel

I’ll take this over poly baroque princess!


The Broken Crown (2016)

The sequel to Isabel, focused on Isabella’s daughter, Juana of Castile. Jenner appears briefly as Isabella of Castile.

2016 The Broken Crown

Dying husband is tragic?


El ministerio del tiempo (2015)

One more time as Isabella of Castile in one episode of this time-traveling TV show.

El ministerio del tiempo season 1 2015

Another shitty take, costume/hair-wise, on Isabella.

2015 El Ministerio del Tiempo


El ministerio del tiempo season 1 2015



El Continental (2018)

A TV series about organized crime in 1920s Madrid. Jenner plays the lead role, Andrea.

2018 El Continental

More hair problems. Sigh.

2018 El Continental

She looks more 1940s than 1920s here, but I’ll take it (her hair is up!).


Cathedral of the Sea (2018)

A TV adaptation of a novel… about prima nocte? Set in the medieval era. I don’t know. Jenner plays “Mar.”

2018 Cathedral of the Sea

Sideless surcoat action | Photo by Robert Marquardt/Getty Images

2018 Cathedral of the Sea

I don’t know medieval well enough to comment!


Gun City (2018)

A thriller film set in 1921 Barcelona. Jenner plays Sara, the feminist daughter of an anarchist.

2018 Gun City

Holy shit, they look great! Super cute matching dresses! Buttons! Contrast! Cute hair!


The Cook of Castamar (2021)

Jenner plays a down-on-her-luck agoraphobic cook working for a nobleman in 1720 Spain.

2021 The Cook of Castamar

I like her look, even if she should be wearing an actual jacket or gown over those stays.

2021 The Cook of Castamar 2021 The Cook of Castamar


Have you seen any of Michelle Jenner’s frock flick roles?


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3 Responses

  1. Lily Lotus Rose

    No, I’ve never seen any of her work before, though I was intrigued by the trailer for The Cook of Castamar.

    I’m voting for FrockFlicks merch that says, “poly baroque princess crap”!!

  2. Anne

    The picture with the “poly baroque princess crap” text is NOT from the Isabel series, it is another Ministerio del tiempo costume. So that is certainly not something you saw in the first few episodes :D
    The Isabel costumes look more like the first picture with the gold (the more victories she has in the show, the more golden outfits she wear, I guess they went for some symbolism there :D ), and the last picture with the young Isabel in a simple white gown. About the hair, it is important to know that the same actress played Isabel from age 13 till her death at 53. So, as always in such situations, the crew had to use every single tool in their hands to make her look as young as possible in the first episodes and then progress step by step, and then make her look very old in the last episodes. The “little girl” hairstyles they gave her in the beginning were a part of that, and her white and light pink gowns as well.
    Ministerio del tiempo, with its lot of time travel, is more like a fantasy show. So historical accuracy was never an important factor for them, or at least not more than in other historical fantasy shows like Bridgerton.