WCW: Marry, Shag, Slap


We are all about equal time here at Frock Flicks, so it’s time for a Woman Crush Wednesday edition of “Marry, Shag, or Slap.” That’s right, let’s look at the ladies we’d love to get down with or run out of town. Make a snap judgement about these fine females from fashionable films!

































Vote for whether you’d marry, shag, or slap these women from historical costume movies and TV!



13 Responses

  1. thedementedfairy

    Heh heh not surprised that I really only wanted to shag or slap all of them…and the younger ones [bar Natalie Dormer] got most of the slaps. Then again, I hadn’t heard of several of them.
    I need to go for a lie down now, with [thoughts of] Helena, Cate, Kate, Kate and Glenn….oooooh yes.
    Don’t let the wife see this…

  2. Adina

    I found it funny that so many people would slap Uma Thurman.

    Did you guys see “Kill Bill”? She can murder people.