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Seeing English actress Lucy Cohu in the recent Dangerous Liaisons reminded me that 1) I like her as an actress! and 2) I’ll bet she’s been in more frock flicks than I realize (I was right)! Let’s run her down:


Marianne Deroulard in Poirot: “The Chocolate Box” (1993)

Because every British actor is contractually obligated to guest in Poirot and Marple.

1993 Poirot- The Chocolate Box


Isabel Fischel in The Dwelling Place (1994)

An adaptation of a Catherine Cookson novel that’s set in the 1830s.

1994 The Dwelling Place

This is surprisingly pretty, although I feel like those sleeve caps need more gathers or pleats.

1994 The Dwelling Place

She’s a member of an aristocratic family, and based on this image, I think she’s a bitch. EXCELLENT hair accessories.


Lottie in Gosford Park (2001)

She’s got a small part as a kitchen servant in the 1930s-set murder mystery.

2001 Gosford Park

I had to DIG DEEP to find any pics. Unfortunate hair is unfortunate.

Gosford Park (2001)

She’s in the middle row, far right.


Princess Margaret in The Queen’s Sister (2005)

A TV movie about the younger, glamorous (and semi-black sheep) sister of Queen Elizabeth II.

2005 The Queen's Sister

Gorgeously 1950s!

2005 The Queen's Sister

LOVE that neckline.

2005 The Queen's Sister

SO glam!


Theo Dane in Ballet Shoes (2007)

Cohu plays an “impractical dance teacher” who lives with the main characters, three sisters who take up dancing during the 1930s.

2007 Ballet Shoes


Eliza de Feuillide in Becoming Jane (2007)

She plays Jane Austen’s glamorous sister-in-law, an Englishwoman who married a French army captain/count but had to move back to England after the French Revolution.

2007 Becoming Jane

Feuillide (left) is more fabulously dressed than everyone else, but it’s because she’s 10 years out-of-date, which reads great visually unless you understand she’s totally wearing dated clothes.

2007 Becoming Jane

She gets stripes!

2007 Becoming Jane


2007 Becoming Jane



Mileva Einstein in Einstein and Eddington (2008)

Mileva was the first wife of Albert Einstein.

2008 Einstein and Eddington


Pat Fortescue in Marple: “A Pocketful of Rye” (2008)

See above re: contractually obligated.

2008 Marple- A Pocketful of Rye 2008 Marple- A Pocketful of Rye 2008 Marple- A Pocketful of Rye


Arthur’s Foster Mother in Camelot (2011)

She’s got a bit part in this King Arthur TV series.

2011 Camelot

Looks like things don’t go well.


Circe in Atlantis (2013)

The ancient Greek enchantress/minor goddess. Looks like she’s pretty evil in this version.

2013 Atlantis

I like how sea-witchy this is!

2013 Atlantis 2013 Atlantis


Deborah Goren in Ripper Street (2012-16)

She’s the head of a Jewish orphanage in this TV series set just after the Jack the Ripper murders.

2013-16 Ripper Street

That’s a lovely blouse with great pleating.

2013-16 Ripper Street


Anais Nin in The Erotic Adventures of Anais Nin (2015)

A TV docudrama about the legendary author.

2015 The Erotic Adventures of Anais Nin


Madame Maigret in Maigret (2016-17)

A mid-1950s-France-set detective series starring Rowan Atkinson.

2016-17 Maigret

Great prints!

2016-17 Maigret


Miriam Petrukhin in Summer of Rockets (2019)

A Cold War-era British TV series about a Russian-born Jewish inventor living in England who is given a secret mission by MI5.

2019 Summer of Rockets

(C) Little Island Productions – Photographer: Ollie Upton

2019 Summer of Rockets


Christine de Sevigny in Dangerous Liaisons (2022)

She’s the semi-schemey mother trying to marry her daughter off to someone rich/powerful.

2022 Dangerous Liaisons

She gets great hair and pretty dresses!

2022 Dangerous Liaisons

Which is your favorite of Lucy Cohu’s frock flick performances?


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9 Responses

  1. Boxermom

    Not sure about that purple dress in The Dwelling Place. Did that shade exist in the 1830’s?

  2. Saraquill

    I did a double take with one of the Dangerous Liaisons photos. Tight, wrinkle free sleeve in a skin colored shade made me think her gown was sleeveless.

  3. Lily Lotus Rose

    Wow, she’s really striking! I’ve seen a few of these, but I didn’t really check for this actress. So, of course, I’ll have to go with my fave film out of this bunch, which is the excellent Gosford Park. That said, I’m one of ten people on planet earth who advocate for Camelot by Starz. I mean, it’s worth a watch. It was very entertaining and, as far as Arthurian tales go, it was by no means the worst offering. And you’re right, things did not go well for her character.


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