WCW: Julianne Moore


Julianne Moore: an immensely talented actress who has performed in a WIDE range of roles, some of them frock flick-related. And a redhead! Let’s take a look at her period and period-ish performances.


Cast a Deadly Spell (1991)

A “fantasy comedy detective TV movie” that’s a combination of HP Lovecraft and film noir. Moore plays “Connie Stone.” This was shockingly well received!

1991 Cast a Deadly Spell 1991 Cast a Deadly Spell


Surviving Picasso (1996)

A Merchant-Ivory film starring Anthony Hopkins as painter Pablo Picasso and Natascha McElhone as his lover Françoise Gilot; Moore plays French photographer, painter, and poet Dora Maar.

1996 Surviving Picasso

Loving the braid!


Boogie Nights (1997)

Stretching the Official Frock Flicks period to include the 1970s, Moore plays an adult film actress in this story of the rise and fall of an actor in the adult film industry.

1997 Boogie Nights

Iconic hair.

1997 Boogie Nights 1997 Boogie Nights


An Ideal Husband (1999)

As the brilliantly conniving Mrs. Cheveley, who starts allll the drama in this sparkling Oscar Wilde adaptation.

An Ideal Husband (1999)


1999 An Ideal Husband

See what I mean?

An Ideal Husband (1999)

I love this hairstyle SO hard.

1999 An Ideal Husband

Witty banter with Rupert Everett!

1999 An Ideal Husband


The End of the Affair (1999)

A story about two lovers having and ending an affair in World War II London.

The End of the Affair (1999)

Those touches of red make the suit.

1999 The End of the Affair

Ralph Fiennes is the other half of the affair.

1999 The End of the Affair


The Hours (2002)

Three different generations of women have their lives connected by the Virginia Woolf book Mrs. Dalloway; Moore leads the 1950s segment.

Ann Roth - The Hours (2002)

Period appropriate, but not my fave look.

2002 The Hours


Far from Heaven (2002)

An homage to the 1950s films of Douglas Sirk. Moore plays the ideal suburban housewife whose life starts to fall apart; she falls in love as a result, but this isn’t a romance.

Far from Heaven (2002)

Sandy Powell‘s costume designs are spot on.

2002 Far From Heaven

The color palette is FAAAABULOUS!

2002 Far from Heaven 2002 Far from Heaven


The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (2005)

A mid-century housewife helps out her family by winning jingle-writing contests.

2005 The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

Check that flip!

2005 The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio


Savage Grace (2007)

Set in the 1970s, this film “is based on the dysfunctional, allegedly incestuous relationship between heiress and socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland and her son, Antony” per Wikipedia.

2007 Savage Grace 2007 Savage Grace


A Single Man (2009)

Directed by fashion designer Tom Ford, Colin Firth is a depressed gay man living in 1962 Southern California; Moore is his best friend.

2009 A Single Man

Her hair and makeup are ON POINT.

2009 A Single Man


Seventh Son (2014)

A badly reviewed fantasy film, but I’m filling things out here. Moore plays a malevolent witch.

2014 Seventh Son

Okay, it’s fantasy so anything goes, but I like this!


Wonderstruck (2017)

A film set in two time periods (the 1920s and 1970s); in 1927, a deaf girl runs away to find her mother, an actress (played by Moore).

2017 Wonderstruck

You KNOW I loves me some 18th century reinterpreted through the eyes of the 1920s!

2017 Wonderstruck


The Glorias (2020)

Four different actresses (including Moore) portray the life of feminist activist Gloria Steinem.

2020 The Glorias 2020 The Glorias

What’s your favorite of Julianne Moore’s period roles?

6 Responses

  1. Kate Dominguez

    She’s talented and gorgeous! I NEED that hat from An Ideal Husband.

  2. Frances Germeshausen

    Kendra, you NEED the green evening dress with black lace sleeves from “The Ideal Husband.”

  3. Saraquill

    I could have sworn I’ve seen a Julianne Moore frock flick, but I don’t remember any of the ones listed.

  4. Kathy Gustafson

    Not Frock Flickable but she’s awesome as Maude Lebowski. I want the bowling valkyrie costume.

  5. SarahV

    I deeply covet every single thing she wears in An Ideal Husband.

  6. Lily Lotus Rose

    She was perfect in A Single Man. She was very good in Boogie Nights. She was good in The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio but the movie overall was so disappointing when compared against the memoir (of the same name), that I can’t really recommend it. I’m REALLY stretching it here, but I’m pretty sure I saw Cast a Deadly Spell back in the day. It was pretty good (to my teenage self), but I don’t recall much of it other than I thought it was cool and creepy. Seventh Son was terrible and a real travesty that that was the film that reunited Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges so many years after The Big Lebowski (one of my fave films). She has such an ice cold beautiful look for period pieces, and I think she would’ve made an excellent rich bitch American frenemy of Lady Felicia in the early seasons of Father Brown.