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English actress Jemima Rooper, who recently starred in Flowers in the Attic: the Origin, has actually been acting in frock flicks since she was a child. If you’re wondering why you recognize her, well, here you go!


Wives & Daughters (1999)

The 1830s-set adaptation of the Elizabeth Gaskell novel. Do you remember the hilarious younger girl who is excited about how she’s heard that SOME young men who go to university get in trouble (gambling? drinking? can’t remember!), “and then they are SENT DOWN” (i.e., kicked out)? That’s Jemima!

1999 Wives & Daughters

Jemima on the right, all a-twitter at the thought of scandalous goings-on at university!


The Railway Children (2000)

Yet another novel adaptation, this one from 1906 and about a family that falls down on their luck and has to move next to a railway.

2000 The Railway Children

On the right, with the lace collar

2000 The Railway Children

I’m not a huge fan of berets, but I’ll let it slide.


Love in a Cold Climate (2001)

The 1930s-40s adaptation of the Nancy Mitford novels includes Jemima as the precocious younger sister who is saving all her money to run away and who frequently comments sardonically on her elder sister’s shenanigans.

2001 Love in a Cold Climate

On the left, in the cap.

2001 Love in a Cold Climate

Second from the right, in the black cardigan and beige blouse. The Bolter has just shown up!


The Black Dahlia (2006)

She has a small role in the 1940s-set noir thriller about the famous Hollywood murder as “Lorna Mertz.” Images from this scene are the only ones I can find, so I’m guessing she’s the co-star of a lesbian softcore porn film?

2006 The Black Dahlia

That’s her on the right, as a blonde!


Lost in Austen (2008)

Rooper stars as a modern-day Jane Austen fan who finds herself transported back into Pride and Prejudice, with hilarious and entertaining results!

2008 Lost in Austen

Minus the hair, which is hilarious but not in a good way.

2008 Lost in Austen

Try to look past it to the nice cotton print?

2008 Lost in Austen

It’s so hard to overlook though isn’t it…

Lost in Austen (2008)

Dressed up for an evening card party with Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

Lost in Austen (2008)

This one is too T-shirt-y for me.


Poirot: Third Girl (2008)

Rooper is in one episode of the 1930s murder mystery/Agatha Christie series.

2008 Poirot- Third Girl

Great sweater! Cute hair!


Atlantis (2013-15)

Fantasy rather than adventure, but whatever! She plays Medusa in this TV series about a modern man who ends up in Greek mythology via submarine.

2013-15 Atlantis

This Medusa is a palace maid.

2013-15 Atlantis

I’m guessing it’s not very fun to be Medusa!


Father Brown (2019)

A priest solves crimes in 1950s England. Rooper guested in one episode.

2019 Father Brown

And ROCKED the red!

2019 Father Brown


Flowers in the Attic: the Origin (2022)

Most recently, Rooper played the lead role of Olivia in this V.C. Andrews Southern gothic novel adaptation set in the 1910s-50s. It’s shlock, but it’s well costumed!

2022 Flowers in the Attic the Origin

Bringing the glam!

2022 Flowers in the Attic the Origin

A few decades earlier in velvet.

2022 Flowers in the Attic the Origin7

Glam and sad at a funeral.

2022 Flowers in the Attic the Origin7

In a 1910s dinner dress.

2022 Flowers in the Attic- the Origin

Getting ready for her wedding in the 1910s.


What’s your favorite of Jemima Rooper’s many frock flick roles?


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  1. Lily Lotus Rose

    She is s a good, underrated actress. Of the roles listed here, I liked her in Lost in Austen and in Atlantis. She was also very, very good in Golddigger.