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Despite not liking Dead Still (2020-), and really not gelling with her character, I still really like Eileen O’Higgins as an actress. She’s still pretty young, so her acting repertoire is a little short when it comes to period films, but there’s still a lot to like! I can see her getting bigger, more central roles in the wake of her supporting role in Dead Still, so she’s one to keep an eye on!


Emma (2009)

I am pretty sure she’s one of the young girls in the background, but I don’t have any hard evidence other than the fact that she’s one of Mr. Martin’s younger siblings.


Brooklyn (2015)

This is probably the role she’s best known for. Also, where she met and befriended IRL BFF Saoirse Ronan.


My Mother and Other Strangers (2016-7)

Set in a small village in Northern Ireland during WWII. Eileen plays 16-year-old Emma, the eldest daughter of the Coyne family, just starting to figure out her life.


Genius (2018-)

This series looks really interesting as it’s about various “geniuses” of the last century or so, including Picasso. Eileen plays Eva Gouel, Picasso’s mistress, in two episodes.


Mary, Queen of Scots (2018)

Oh man, this movie was such a hot mess of what the frockery … But despite that, we thought that Saoirse Ronan did a decent job with the material. That’s Eileen O’Higgins on the left, btw, as one of Mary’s ladies in waiting, Mary Beaton.


Misbehaviour (2020)

No, she’s not in this photo, but I searched everywhere for a pic of her in the film and came up empty. That said, I really do want to watch it! It’s about the 1970 Miss World Pageant in London, and the inevitable clash between the women’s liberation movement and the pageant runners. Looks fun!


Dead Still (2020-)

Eileen plays the niece/sidekick of the main character, who aspires to becoming a stage actress in 1880s Dublin.


Have you seen any of these historical costume films? What’s your favorite? Share it with us in the comments!


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  1. Lily Lotus Rose

    I really enjoyed My Mother and Other Strangers and wished there had been more episodes and/or a second season. This actress did well good in her role. Like you, I really want to see Misbehaviour, as it features several actresses I really like including Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Kiera Knightley, and the actress who played Verity on Poldark. I HOPE this movie is one that we will actually be able to watch in the States!