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In December of 2020, renown British comedian and actress, Eddie Izzard, came out as a woman and announced that she would be using female pronouns going forward. This means we get to highlight her trailblazing gender-fluid career spanning the last 20 years. Side note: IMDB still misgenders her, which makes me wonder what the fuck is going on there since it was all over news media outlets and the internet almost a year ago. Did Eddie’s publicist just forget to make the change? Is this some weird thing on IMDB’s side? I dunno, but today we are celebrating Eddie’s career on both sides of the gender spectrum and honoring her gender pronoun preference.

Also, we will be monitoring the comments section closely. Don’t be an asshole.


The Secret Agent (1996)


Velvet Goldmine (1998)


The Shadow of the Vampire (2000)


The Cat’s Meow (2001)

2001 The Cat's Meow


All the Queen’s Men (2001)


Renegade (2004)


Across the Universe (2007)


Valkyrie (2008)


Treasure Island (2012)


Castles in the Sky (2014)


Hannibal (2013-2015)


The Devil You Know (2015)


Whisky Galore (2016)


Victoria & Abdul (2017)


Six Minutes to Midnight (2020)




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  1. becklaxton55312570

    They say comedians are often surprisingly good actors, but it’s odd how many of these stills show Izzard with the same facial expression.

  2. florenceandtheai

    “Cake or death” is one of my favorite comedy bits. It explains Anglicanism pretty brilliantly, while also being really funny. I’ve always enjoyed Eddie as a comedian. Her stream of consciousness style with a healthy heaping of absurdity is very much my thing. I haven’t really seen her in films. I’m glad she’s happy. She’s had a heck of a journey.

    Link to the comedy sketch, if links are allowed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unkWbEmtYXs

    • Jennifer Faith

      Cake or Death is our favorite too! Often when my husband and I have a choice to make one of us will turn to the other and say, cake or death? We always loved our executive transvestite lol!

    • SarahV

      This, this, a thousand times yes.

      Also, the amazingly hypnotic cadence of the delivery of this phrase – “in a ditch, covered in petrol, on fire. So. That’s fun.”

  3. Saraquill

    I noticed one frock flick wasn’t mentioned, “Five Children and It.” I loved the trilogy so decided to give the movie a shot when it was on TV. I didn’t get very far. Not even Eddie Izzard voicing the Psammead was enough to save it.

  4. Karen K.

    LOVE Eddie Izzard and have sat through some mediocre films just to see her. I was also lucky enough to see her standup in 2019 for the Wunderbar tour, highly recommend if you get the chance to see her.

  5. Sara K.

    I got to see her in the Broadway run of Day in the Death of Joe Egg (with Victoria Hamilton) as well as her stand up. Simply brilliant!

  6. Gill

    She said she was female at the time she spoke, but was male when playing male roles – it seems she’s comfortable with any pronoun. She is gloriously fluid, in essence, as well as extraordinarily talented.

    • The Mystic Seamstress

      What about Mystery Men? Its not a historic film by any means, but as Tony P, Head of the Disco Boys Gang she wears a disco fever ensemble.

  7. Rinna

    I love Eddie and I look forward to her future projects as well as celebrating their past.

  8. Sarah F

    I will never forget when I got to see her live last time she was in Minneapolis. I’ll def watch something just because she’s in it, and so much of her standup is just part of my brain now. Always incredibly impressed that she is able to do comedy in multiple languages- just a massive talent.

    • UnattributableSpoon

      For my 30th birthday, I got to see her when she was on her Force Majeure tour. The show was about two weeks after my birthday, but my folks and I jumped on tickets right away because how often is Eddie Izzard ever going to do another show in WYOMING? We drove 2 and a half hours each way (which is entirely usual out here, even for day trips!) and made a weekend out of it. We had perfect seats, and I was good and didn’t buy all the merch. I will always remember my 30th birthday as one of the very best so far, because Eddie and her incredible humor and intellect shaped not only my own sense of humor, but my worldview as well.

      And she was impeccably dressed. I am still envious/amazed at her manicure^.^

  9. Mary

    .I love Eddie Izzard! This one isn’t a period piece, but if you haven’t watched the series “The Riches,” (available on Hulu, among other places), do. You are in for a treat! Great performances all around — and terrific writing.

  10. Rachel

    Mockingbird Lane could have been a frock flic, but the pilot wasn’t picked up. Such a bummer.

  11. Joni

    Castles In The Sky was surprisingly good, if not a blockbuster. Six Minutes To Midnight was a real nailbiter. She was also in some non-period things I’ve watched recently: “Get Duke’d” on Amazon (I laughed so hard I scared my dog) and currently “The Lost Symbol” on Peacock (which is absolutely DREADFUL, I don’t even think my decade-long crush on Ashley Zukerman is enough to keep me coming back.)

    • UnattributableSpoon

      “Get Duke’d” is such a unappreciated gem! By the end of the movie, the cats had disappeared and my abs were sore from laughing so hard.

  12. Kelly

    Eddie Izzard!!! Saw her doing standup in Philly years ago, rocking an 18th-century frock coat over a black cocktail dress. Also, totally fabulous as Long John Silver in Treasure Island–aced the ambiguity of this character. Thanks to all for the show recommendations–I’d never heard of some of them! Have you seen the sketch about the cafeteria on the Death Star? Brilliant.

  13. Neodymium

    Regarding the pronouns on IMDB, I’ve read in interviews with Eddie that they feel female sometimes and male others and that they’d like to go back and forth but apparently was told after adopting female pronouns that you can’t go back and forth between female and male. But they were quite happy to have “graduated” to being a woman or something along those lines.
    So perhaps Eddie either doesn’t want their pronouns changed on IMDB, or it’s just not a priority.
    A wonderful person.

  14. Lily Lotus Rose

    I love Eddie Izzard!! She can be so hot as a he!! I totally forgot “he” was in Shadow of the Vampire – such a great film. Adding it now to my Halloween queue this year! Are we supposed to refer to people by new pronouns when referring to their old stuff? I’m confused. (Really, that’s not a joke.) Also, like someone said, I also think Eddie’s EXCELLENT voice work as Reepicheep in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe should be mentioned, even though it’s one of those fantasy FrockFlick-adjacent films. So many good films here to watch again or for the first time. Six Minutes to Midnight seems like it’s so well done. I really want to see that one.

    Also, like a few others have said, I thought I read an article that Eddie Izzard was taking on “she” as pronoun in addition to he and they. So maybe that’s why IMDB is still sticking with “he”. I’m gonna pop over and read the article you linked to for more clarification. Great WCW Choice!!

  15. Popka Superstar

    Is Long John bald in the book? Somehow I remember him as having long hair. I can’t roll with a bald Long John or I’d be on that immediately.

    I had no idea she was in Victoria and Abdul- another point in favour of me watching that and yet I still haven’t done it.

  16. Julia R

    I have such a love for Eddie Izzard, and have watched things just because she was in them. So funny and smart, and such a good actress. Absolutely adore her in The Cat’s Meow.

  17. Katie O.

    I’ve never been much of a fan – nothing personal, just not really my style of comedian, but I really enjoyed her performance in The Cat’s Meow. That whole movie was just so well-done, from the costumes to the script to the performances

  18. Gemma

    Wow. Did you completely ignore the request from frock flicks to be respectful? Take your bullshittery far from this site. Terfs and transphobes are not welcome. Feminism includes all women, whether transgender, intersex or cis.