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This past weekend, Italian actress Asia Argento made a powerful speech at Cannes: Not only did she admit that she had been raped by sexual predator Harvey Weinstein in 1997, at Cannes no less, but she called out those sitting in the audience at that moment who covered for him.

I want to make a prediction: Harvey Weinstein will never be welcomed here ever again. He will live in disgrace, shunned by a film community that once embraced him and covered up for his crimes. Even tonight sitting among you, there are those that need to be held accountable for their conduct against women. You know who you are. But most importantly, we know who you are, and we will not allow you to get away with it any longer.

— Asia Argento, Cannes, May 19, 2018

In honor of Ms. Argento and her epic levels of courage, we dedicate this Woman Crush Wednesday to her historical movie roles.


Queen Margot (1994) – Charlotte Sauve

Queen Margot (1994)


Phantom of the Opera (1998) – Christine


Les Miserables (2000) – Éponine Thénardier

Les Miserables (2000)


Milady and the Three Musketeers (2004) – Sally la Chèvre

Milady and the Three Musketeers (2004)

I know this isn’t Asia Argento, but I had to share because the costumes are SO WACKY in this show. Definitely Snark Week fodder.


Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette (2006) – Madame du Barry

Marie Antoinette (2006): “She BURPED (shudder).”


The Last Mistress (2007) – Vellini


Dracula 3D (2012) – Mina Harker


Rodolfo Valentino: The Legend (2014) – Natacha Rambova



What’s your favorite of Asia Argento’s historical costume movie and TV roles?


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11 Responses

  1. Tera

    OH man isn’t the version of POTO that she’s in the one with those whackadoodle guys who drive around in some weird little car thing? Like they just have this tiny Flintstones-drill-looking thing to tool around the opera house in?

    …I also just remembered that I think this is the one that has the Phantom stick a rat down his pants and I honestly don’t know what to do with this knowledge.

    • Sam

      Not to mention the dream sequence where he was fantasizing about her wearing nothing but hair.
      Also, it’s super uncomfortable to watch the rape scenes in that movie now (even more so than usual), knowing it was after Weinstein assaulted her. And directed by her father.

      • Tera

        Oh noooo how could I forget that?? Honestly, the whole tone and “gaze” of the movie is super skeevy, especially with her dad directing. Bleh.

        • Saraquill

          It’s not the only movie her dad directed featuring Asia in assault scenes. >_<

          • Sam

            I think I speak for all of us when I say, che diavolo, Dario?

            Though, I do actually kind of like her costumes… shame they’re in such an awful film.

  2. TrueWaif

    She’s beautiful. And what a powerful speech, you go girl

  3. Donnalee

    I haven’t seen many of these, but good for her for coming out with the speech, and good for you for featuring her here.

  4. LadySlippers

    I hadn’t realised I had seen her in so many movies!

    And Bravo to her for calling out Weinstein AND all those that protected him. That kind of behaviour doesn’t happen in a vacuum unfortunately.

  5. hsc

    Three months later, Argento herself has been accused of sexual abuse of a minor in 2013 and paying the victim to keep quiet.

    The allegations in this case are about as disturbing as those against Roman Polanski and Woody Allen.