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Australian (I had no idea!) actress Alice Englert is starting to turn into one of those “where do I know her from?” frock flicks actors, so I thought it was time for a WCW so I could remember where I know her from!


Hope in New Worlds (2014)

Set in the late 17th century, as people (including Hope/Englert) are trying to create a “new world” in colonial New England as well as old England. Hope is an independent tomboy.

2014 New Worlds

That’s a decent jacket from what I can see.

2014 New Worlds

She’s very “I can handle it”

2014 New Worlds


Lady Emma Pole in Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (2015)

Set in a magical version of Regency England, Lady Emma is resurrected from the dead. Among other things!

2015 Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

She’s generally wan and in pale, diaphanous fabrics | (C) JSMN Ltd – Photographer: Matt Squire

2015 Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

She’s eventually sent to a madhouse, hence the hair down and handcuffs | (C) JSMN Ltd – Photographer: Matt Squire

2015 Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

(C) JSMN Ltd – Photographer: Matt Squire


Dolly in Ratched (2020)

A prequel to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), about an evil 1950s psychiatric nurse. She’s a second-tier character, a nurse who’s a nymphomaniac (well that doesn’t inspire me to want to watch this).

2020 Ratched

Almost unrecognizable as a blonde!

2020 Ratched

I guess she’s seducing him?

Buster in The Power of the Dog (2020)

I looked high and wide for a pic of Englert in this film, a “revisionist Western psychological thriller” directed by Jane Campion, but no dice. Buster isn’t a big enough character to reach the plot summary on Wikipedia, so honestly, I got nothing.

2021 The Power of the Dog

Instead, here’s lead Kirsten Dunst wearing a beautiful 1920s dress.


Biliana in You Won’t Be Alone (2020)

A horror film in which “a naive peasant girl in 19th century Macedonia is taken from a sheltered life of solitude, turned into a shapeshifter by a witch, then abandoned,” per Wikipedia. The plot summary is too convoluted for me to explain who Biliana is, but basically the shapeshifter takes on her form at one point.

2020 You Won't Be Alone

Macedonia FTW!


Camille in Dangerous Liaisons (2022)

She’s the new and improved scheme-y Marquise de Merteuil in this 1780s-set reboot/prequel to the Pierre Choderlos de Laclos novel/play and films adapted from the novel.

2022 Dangerous Liaisons

Inappropriate darts, but otherwise interesting.

2022 Dangerous Liaisons

Hanging at the dressmakers’.

2022 Dangerous Liaisons

With her love/hate object.

2022 Dangerous Liaisons

In a cute hat & jacket.

2022 Dangerous Liaisons

This show understood satin! Which is hard!

2022 Dangerous Liaisons

Bringing the drama.

2022 Dangerous Liaisons

My least favorite shower-curtain dress.

2022 Dangerous Liaisons
2022 Dangerous Liaisons


2022 Dangerous Liaisons

Scheming with another schemer.

Okay, what do YOU know Alice Englert from?


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Kendra has been a fixture in the online costuming world since the late 1990s. Her website, Démodé Couture, is one of the most well-known online resources for historical costumers. In the summer of 2014, she published a book on 18th-century wig and hair styling. Kendra is a librarian at a university, specializing in history and fashion. She’s also an academic, with several articles on fashion history published in research journals.

6 Responses

  1. Roxana

    ‘Hope is an independent tomboy.’
    Well that’s a turnoff right there. Seems to me a traditional girl, with the usual domestic skills, struggling to learn new ones and shed her ladylike reserve and dependency would be a lot more interesting.

  2. stepsis

    Mainly ‘know’ her as Jane Campions daughter it, sadly, has to be said. Theoretically unfair (D’uh!) but it may explain things. Such as casting in DL. It, granted, had huge character issues based in that script. But, nonetheless, further had two of the most unengaging, humourless lead perfomances I can put my finger on in a long, long, very long while. Everybody had to know they were up against Close/Malkovich, Gellar/Witherspoon/Phillippe even, or Benning/Firth at least? Shame about the otherwise very nice production value.

  3. stepsis

    RW To Add: What on this arguably green earth was that PG 18 restriction of DL for? Completely dry’n dusty. Any marquise of any self-worth would break out into pox allover again for sheer boredom.

  4. Brandy Loutherback

    Fantastic Actress! It takes talent to be that believably insane! She was so good in Ratched!

  5. Lily Lotus Rose

    I know her from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and the very bad film Beautiful Creatures.

  6. Tracy

    Not truly historic, although there are flashes to the Civil War South, I first saw her in Beautiful Creatures with Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Eran Ehrenrich(?), and numerous others you would recognize.


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