Versailles vs. The Tudors: An Infographic


We’re a few weeks into Versailles, at least here in the states, watching on Ovation. Enjoying all the sex, hair, and scenery chewing? Remind you of anything? Um … yeah … I’m not the first to suggest a faint resemblance to our least favorite historical costume TV series, The Tudors.

So let’s do a side-by-side comparison of the productions and see how they stack up. I’ve put the data in a handy-dandy infographic so you can compare.


The Tudors vs. Versailles infographic by Frock Flicks

At least Versailles‘ star George Blagden isn’t as smarmy as Jonathan Rhys Meyers, amirte???



How does The Tudors compare with Versailles in your opinion?


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7 Responses

  1. Michael

    I know I’m one of a minority but I really did love the majority of the costumes for the Tudors – In particular series two. The jewellery for Anne Boleyn was especially beautiful. Historically accurate it wasn’t, but for lushness and colour it’s definitely among my favourite period tv shows. Versailles is Ok but it lacks the energy and flair I feel The Tudors had.

  2. Charity

    There are so many things about “The Tudors” that hack me off, so much so that a different one comes to the forefront just about every week; right now, it’s the never-ending litany of mistresses in and out of Henry’s chambers, on full display, with everyone knowing about it — when in real life, Henry was so discreet about his affairs that historians don’t know for sure how MANY mistresses he had, and if he hadn’t given his illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, lands and titles, we might not have even had proof he had ANY.

  3. MoHub

    Just being nitpicky here, but the word you want is principal actors. Most of the characters portrayed had very little in the way of principles.

  4. brocadegoddess

    They named a character Lady Ursula Misseldon in the Tudors? Seriously?

  5. Kaite

    The sad, dark haired and sallow, and dark clothed, Spanish queen scenario… At least Kennedy (Catherine in the Tudors) made me enjoy watching her.