Triumphant Return of Frock Flicks!

No, it’s not bogus, my friends… Frock Flicks is really back from the mostly-dead state it has been in for the last two years. We have been hearing from friends and fans of the show for a while, always asking why we stopped doing the podcast and when, if ever, we intended to start it up again. I don’t think we had a good reason to stop in the first place… Laziness, then life took over, and you know how it goes. That is, until yesterday when something seemed to click in the three of us and suddenly we knew we had to bring Frock Flicks back from the brink.

First step was the Facebook page. Then a Twitter account. Finally, I bit the bullet and bought the domain name and resolved to transfer most, if not all, of our previous stuff off of LiveJournal and onto a legit website. You know, where we could look like we knew what we were doing. And maybe even build a blog around it, to tide people over between podcasts.

Anyway, we are settling on the movie to celebrate our triumphant return and will be recording in a week or two, depending on scheduling and whether or not we can convince the special guest star we had in mind to humor us for a couple of hours on a weekend in the near future. So, stay tuned!


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