The Last of the Mohicans (1992) short review


Okay, a lot of people have problems with this movie based on its somewhat cavalier attempt (adapted from a very romanticized book) at exploring ethnic conflict/relationships between English/American colonists and Native Americans.  But nonetheless, I have to say that it works for me on a shlocky-romantic-”I will find you!”-as-Madeleine-Stowe-is-being-captured sort of way.  Daniel Day-Lewis, who is either outstanding or annoying, veers between both in this film.  Madeleine Stowe works quite well as the daughter of the English general who falls in love with Day-Lewis’s character (who is an English/American who has been raised by Native Americans).  Jodhi May is mesmerizing as Stowe’s younger sister, and the early scenes show the two sisters in some great 1750s gowns.


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  1. saffireblu

    I heard there were a few issues in this- most recently, I read somewhere that the reenactors/ extras in the massacre scene; instead of doing what was written in the script, they reacted as period soldiers of the time would have, & quickly formed a defensive maneuver that the native-born reenactors barely stopped from crashing into- the director or whoever got p*ssy about it, & told them to stop stuffing around, more or less- & they just had to stand there & get massacred, as per some moron’s script.

    On the subject of Native Americans, would you consider one day doing a rough overlook- sort of like you did for Hardy’s novels, or a more specific version of Race & Roles in Historical Costume Dramas?