The Hollow Crown: Eyecandy of the 15th Century


Behold, the first photo to hit the internetz of Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III in BBC’s Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses.

I find Benedict Cumberbatch … Interesting. It’s not like I think he’s particularly sexy (though he can rock a tailored suit like nobody’s business), or even particularly attractive, but something about him hits my “Tall & Weird” button, which, it is a known fact, I seem to have a weakness for. I enjoy watching him in Sherlock (though the real reason I actually watch the show is Martin Freeman), but it’s not like I’d go so far as to call myself a Cumberbitch or anything.

So with all that said, I’m actually really intrigued by his appearance on The Hollow Crown. Ok, I should also add that I’m really interested in the show overall, because the Wars of the Roses pretty much sets the stage for everything that came in the Tudor era. And we all know, the Tudor era is my favorite playground of history. And all other reasons to watch The Hollow Crown pretty much begin and end with Tom Hiddleston.

The Hollow Crown (2012-16)

Hi there, handsome.

Ok, so the costumes don’t look spectacularly designed along the lines of Game of Thrones or Outlander (contrary to popular belief, I am on the record saying I like the costumes on Outlander, so put down your pitchforks). It’s fine though, because the star power of this series is clearly what the BBC expects you to tune in for.

And Tom Hiddleston.

The Hollow Crown (2012-16)

Can I pet him?

I’m sorry… I know I started off this post with Benedict Cumberbatch, but can you really blame me for veering sharply into Hiddleston territory? Oh all right, have another photo of Cumberbatch as Richard III:

The Hollow Crown (2012-16)



So, which team are you on? Team Cumberbatch or Team Hiddleston? And no picking “none of the above.”



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18 Responses

  1. Stephani

    I’m intrigued. I’m definitely in the Cumber-camp–because I find him very attractive in that “tall & weird” plus charismatic way. And he just gives so much depth and emotion to the characters he portrays. But I do like me some Hiddleston, too. So basically, this show will be a whole lotta yum. If not for the costumes, then for these gorgeous gentlemen.

  2. Lisa

    Toshiro Mifune! Well, all right. Mr. Cumberbatch it is. Though they’re both talented and I liked what I saw of Mr. Hiddleston’s Harry. I’m looking forward to seeing what BC does with Richard.

  3. Sharon

    I’m a Cumberbitch all the way, but Tom does not disgrace himself.

  4. Loren

    Hiddleston all the way baby. ESPECIALLY goatee sporting Hiddleston!

    As Alyxx put it so perfectly, Cumberbatch “looks like an alien in a bad human suit.”

  5. Stephanie

    I am a fan of both, but I prefer Tom Hiddleston, especially in The Hollow Crown :)

  6. Isara

    I need both, please. Sorry, but anyone who really knows me knows I play for both teams. So neener!!

  7. Brittany

    I like both their acting but find neither attractive. Cumberbatch looks exactly like my uncle as well, which is a creepy level for me that makes him even less attractive.

  8. CatharineEmmaHershey (@CatnipTARDIS)

    I’m going to use a term usually reserved for defaming women (which, being a woman, is totally allowed) and say that Cumberbatch is a total onion. There is little I want more than to remove a bespoke suit from his body with an excruciatingly slow pace, but I can definitely live without that face! (…Of which I am conflicted about as it is because I love Matt Smith’s Rocky Denis face and my fiancé is like David Tennant with a giant nose *facepalm*.)

  9. Roxana

    Cumberbatch has a very odd face doesn’t he? Odd yet attractive. He’d make a great Elf. Hiddleston on the other hand has the saddest puppy dog eyes….

  10. PGF

    I loved Hiddleston’s interpretation of Prince Hal/Henry V. And I prefer him to Cumberbatch here, in terms of looks; because I can’t stand Cumberbatch/Richard III’s hair in the show.