Podcast: The Borgias (2013)



The surprisingly decent Showtime miniseries “The Borgias” restores our faith in costume flicks by not totally sacrificing historical aesthetics for modern ideas about sexiness. coughThe Tudorscough Costumes by Gabriella Pescucci.

Featuring Jeremy Irons being dead sexy in a full-length gown, and Joanne Whalley and Holliday Grainger doing the same. There’s some WTFrock action happening with Cesare’s outfits, but he’s hot so we are willing to forgive him if he takes his clothes off.

You can listen to us critique the first episodes of The Borgias costumes online below or on iTunes.

One Response

  1. Hillary

    I absolutely love, love, LOVE the costumes in “The Borgias”! Not 100% historically accurate, but so beautiful, evocative of the time and place, and inspiring!

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the costumes of the second and third season as well! I love the changes they made to convey the evolving fashions of the time. Please post/podcast more about “The Borgias” if the fancy strikes you!

    I’m still in mourning that it was cancelled. We need more pretty dresses, dang it!