TBT: The White Queen (2013), Ep. 7


Aaaaaand we are back for our weekly check-in on everybody’s favorite historical trash fire, The White Queen (2013)! My prediction? Everybody will be wearing the same exact clothes as the last six episodes and we will all perish of sartorial boredom. You can check out my reviews on episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Me, every damn episode.


CAN IT BE??? Elizabeth actually has a new outfit! But wait a minute, haven’t I seen this somewhere before…?


It’s totally this dress from the first episode, worn by some Spanish infanta or something that Edward was supposed to marry and which kicks off the entire feud between him and Warwick, who brokered the marriage deal. It’s been re-trimmed for episode 7, but that’s the same freaking dress!


Even when Elizabeth gets a “new” dress, it’s actually a hand-me-down from another character in an earlier episode!


I’m imagining Cecily Neville is snarking Elizabeth’s dress in this scene. Because honestly, we all are.


Elizabeth just goes right back to rewearing the same yellow dress she’s been in every single episode, but Marge gets a fancy new dress now that she’s on Elizabeth’s court. Not sure who that other woman is … one of Elizabeth’s eleventy million sisters, I imagine.


It’s not half bad … But it’s also only half good. At least she looks pretty.


It’s been a while since we saw Edward and Elizabeth sitting on the thrones … Oh, wait, no, it’s been about 10 minutes. And yes, I am just looking for images to fill this post with because we’ve basically reached the end of the episode and there’s nothing else to comment on.




7 Responses

  1. Saraquill

    Did they have a tiny budget for costumes, and that’s why there’s scant variety?

    • Roxana

      These are extraordinarily dreary costumes set in an era of brilliant and elaborate fashions among the elite. Why is Elizabeth’s eleventh millionth sister wearing a granny dress?

  2. Bel

    Considering how often period dramas have an unreasonable, anachronistic variety of costumes for the context (why would, e.g., a Regency-era woman living in genteel impoverishment never have to re-wear the same evening gown, or an actual peasant character have a different outfit for every occasion?), it’s kind of mind-boggling how few costumes this show about royal and aristocratic characters has!

  3. ED

    How dare you mock Her Grace Queen Elizabeth’s nice new dress? She clearly won it from than Infanta by right of conquest. (-;

  4. Roxana

    Warwick was negotiating a marriage with a sister in law of the King of France, Bona of Savoy, not a Spanish infanta but the future Isabella the Catholic, of Ferdinand and Isabella fame, was indeed one of Edward’s prospective brides, and decidedly annoyed at being displaced by an English Widow, or at least she claimed to be, probably for diplomatic advantage.

  5. Garance

    Last episode you missed two of the central characters getting married, as well as great scene at the end between Edward and Elizabeth. This episode you were bored by the downfall of the Duke of Clarence…for how often you complain about period dramas inserting too much cheese ball invention (see you Philipa Fucking Gregory section..) it sort of seems like you don’t really want what you tell your readers that you want…


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