TBT: My Fair Lady (1964)


Cecil Beaton designed more than 1,000 garments My Fair Lady (1964), and while I’m not going to catalog every single one of them, let’s see how far I get, shall we? I love the hell out of this musical, for the music as much as the costumes. Maybe more for the music (despite Julie Andrews getting snubbed, Audrey Hepburn being dubbed, and Marni Nixon doing all the work), because the costumes have such a 1960s aesthetic rather than the 1910s period the film is set in. The storyline is pretty damn retrograde, as well. But who cares? It’s a freakin’ classic and some fine eye-candy!

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  1. Lady Hermina De Pagan

    I have pictures of the Ascot Races gown from the Golden Age of Hollywood exhibit I saw this year. Just saying :P

  2. Josef

    I would love if you reviewed Audrey’s War & Peace it’s mostly pretty and quite entertaining would be very grateful but of course it’s more than 3 hours so I imagine that it would be difficult


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