TBT: Interview With the Vampire


It’s a Throwback Thursday with Halloween, and thus vampires on the brain! What to say about 1994’s Interview With the Vampire? If you’re a fan of the book, you probably hold your nose at the casting in this movie. Tom Cruise makes a pretty weird choice for Lestat — the look is all wrong, but I think he really carries off the “arrogant prick” thing that character requires. Brad Pitt as Louis looks better but just isn’t as mopey and introspective as he needs to be. Kirsten Dunst is spot-on, and then Antonio Banderas, omg, hawt hawt hawt as Armand. Also, homoerotic Louis and Armand action. If Antonio had more screen time, it might make up for the rest of ’em.

Oh and I guess the costumes are OK. A bit of late 18th-century menswear first, and then Victorian bustle gowns on Claudia and Madeleine, blah blah blah. Distracted by looking at Antonio’s eyes.


4 Responses

  1. Sarah Lorraine

    This whole movie should have just been about Armand and Louis brushing each other’s hair by the flickering fire light. Period. The end.

  2. Stephani

    Barf-worthy casting for the most part. Nice costumes. I always thought Brad Pitt as Louis was an equally bad choice. Tom Cruise as Lestat was rage-laughable. I’ll watch Antonio Banderas in anything, but his look was all wrong for Armand the sylph-like boy vampire.

    • Trystan

      True, Banderas wasn’t book-Armand (I think “The Vampire Armand” is prob. my fave. Rice book after “Interview”; the rest kinda run off a cliff), but he’s SO PRETTY here :)