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Yesterday, our Facebook page was unceremoniously removed for “inappropriate content”. Kendra, Trystan, and I were all immediately logged out and unable to log back in until we agreed to “unpublish” the page and “review” the offending content. Unfortunately, we weren’t actually given any indication of WHAT was offending, so exactly what was reported (or who reported it), we were none the wiser. In the end, we were able to republish the Frock Flicks page without issue, but the incident just underscored for us the fact that petty censorship is a fucking bullshit waste of time for everyone.

facebook content warning

Well, now that’s unhelpful.

Facebook content warning

The Facebook equivalent of “Go to your room and contemplate what you’ve done.”

So, in honor of the haterz hatin’, I present to you all a Throwback Thursday of the bitchiest, snarkiest, most unapologetic asshole-y posts in Frock Flicks history.

Come at me bro - Inglorious bastards



All the times people completely missed the point of this website.

Willie Wonka

Hi. You must be new here. Please review our FAQ before you post the same bitchy “why don’t you just chill, it’s only a movieeeeee?????” complaint in the comments that literally EVERYONE has read before.

new here

Occasionally, it even bleeds over into the Facebook page.


That time we came out of the gate swinging, taking on the biggest myths of the 18th-century.

You want to throw down with three 18th-century historians? Kindly step into the ring and give it your best peeing-in-the-corner-at-Versailles shot.

versailles bathroom

Yes, we checked Versailles personally. No pee stains in any corners. But we did find the time to get inappropriate in the bathroom!


Sometimes we inadvertently hit a nerve without even trying.

2017 The White Princess

We still don’t know why.

People were REALLY unhappy with Kendra’s review of Pride & Prejudice & Pigs. We’re still getting comments on it, TWO FUCKING YEARS AFTER THE FACT.

Over it

And ditto with my post on remakes. Jesus, people, it’s just an opinion piece!

can't even

Who knew head necklaces, feminism, derpy bonnets, The White Princess, and all our goddamn swearing were such a sore spot for some of you?

The lord is testing me

And, apparently some people feel VERY STRONGLY about defending Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan.



Other times, we accidentally make such an impact just doing our snarky thing that mass-media outlets pick up on us!

Kendra’s War & Peace recaps were so popular (and controversial), we even managed to get name checked by The Telegraph! We were just psyched it wasn’t The Daily Mail.

Edit: Apparently, the offending post was an image with boobs. Or at least, that’s what TODAY’S offending post was.

Suck it, Puritans.


Got a problem with Frock Flicks? Who wants a piece of this?

Bitch please


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Sarah Lorraine

Sarah has an undergraduate degree in Clothing & Textile Design and a Master's in Art History and Visual Culture, with an emphasis on fashion history. When she’s not caught in paralyzing existential dread, she's drinking craft cocktails and writing about historical costume in film and television. She's been pissing people off on the internet since 1995.

54 Responses

  1. Stephani

    Keep it up! We, your true followers and acolytes, totally get you and love you and will defend your honor and your right to snark (like you need the help) even if someone threatens to hold us down and fit us with our own personal head necklaces (the horror)!

  2. Susan Pola Staples

    IMHO you’ve done nothing wrong. I love the snark and will defend your right to snark. And yes, head necklaces can be very derpy, almost as derpy as bonnets.😁

  3. Broughps

    People really need to get over themselves. You don’t like a Facebook page/website/twitter/etc. don’t go there. Sheesh

  4. picasso Manu

    The right to snark should be constitutional!
    And I had photobucket pull that one on me for a pic of a SIM unclogging a toilet in her underwear… Honest, two years later I’m still wondering about it.
    But your army of loyal followers will be there, fortified with pink drink and armed with hairpins! (and maybe a couple hat pins for efficiency sake)

  5. Natalie

    Not feeling very witty this morning, just here to show some love. <3

  6. Elizabeth Howell

    Keep the Snark flowing! (Not original but from the ❤️)

  7. thedementedfairy

    Derpy! derpy derpy derpy. I love that word. And ‘unfortunate bigginses’. I realised only this week while re-watching all 6 seasons, that the Frey family in GoT alllllllll wear them It’s how you know they’re Freys. I did a little Frock Flicks jig. What am I waffling about? Well, apart from the fact that I had wine with lunch…it’s ALL about Frock Flicks. All the time. Keep on offending, it’s how we know we’re doin’ it right!

  8. Eronn

    I clicked on the P&P link, and what the fuck is up with this comment towards the bottom:

    “There was no chemistry at all in the 1995 version. Elizabeth, 35 and 250 lbs, was as docile as a golden retriever sedated for dental surgery.”


  9. ladylavinia1932

    And, apparently some people feel VERY STRONGLY about defending Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan.

    I don’t see why not. Especially if they’re fans of the two actresses.

  10. Don Hardy

    I agree with every single word of P&P&P. That’s not snark, it’s truth. PIGS. DON’T JUDGE ME. SQUALOR. No thanks.

    • Don Hardy

      Oh. The main post. Right. Oops.

      WTF IS THAT ABOUT? Sheesh, people.

  11. Liutgard

    I really have to wonder if the hall monitor is a 13 year old who is enjoying fucking with people. Because they flip out and shut peoples’ pages down with no warning, no explanation, and no opportunity to rectify what’s wrong. If by some miracle you figure out what set them off, it’s completely innocuous, and leaves you going ‘Whut’? But when something really egregious shows up. like Nazis butchering puppies, or something like that? if you report it, they’ll send you back a note saying that it doesn’t violate community standards. What community?!?! And that 13 year old hall monitor is laughing his ass off. Hell, I’ve turned in comments that were blatantly racist, including references to lynching and mutilation, and been told again that it doesn’t violate community standards. Frankly, I’d like to grab Zuckerberg by the collar and give him a good talking to. He’s the same age as my oldest- I would have no problem giving him the full Molly Weasley treatment. He could change this. But he needs to care.

    • Trystan L. Bass

      Thing is, FB’s ‘hall monitor’ is a computer algorithm — therein lies the problem. It’s not a person, it’s artificial intelligence, so it’s, by definition, kind of dumb. Having worked in the tech industry for 20+ years at competing companies, I know a little too much about how the sausage is made. Code can’t keep up with actual humans. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Liutgard

        ?? Why do they have a reporting function? Sometimes we know it is a matter of someone reporting, too- the various breastfeeding activists have found that one out the hard way. It is possible that both are in effect, but they are pulling people’s stuff because of that hall monitor, being egged on by Mrs Grundy…

  12. Diana

    The solution to this is to post pictures of more boobs. Ideally images of breastfeeding, followed by a few salacious 18th century boudoir shots. If you’re offended by boobs, don’t study history.

      • Caroline

        when I took my breast out to feed my infant today, my two year old looked over, threw his hands up, and yelled “Yay! A boob!” So he’s clearly ruined.

        • marcela

          I mean… that’s my husband’s response whenever he sees my boobs too so its not just 2 year olds.

  13. Sarah F

    This whole debacle makes more sense if it was the result of a computer algorithm. Anytime someone tries to spout the brilliance and convenience of AI, I direct them to that list of recipes an AI invented. Or when someone made an algorithm to invent new colors and name them. Comedy gold.
    Nothing can stop the snark!!!

  14. Barb Donaghey

    Love your site!! Fuck the haters, keep doing what your doing It brings me joy.

    • Sarah Lorraine

      I’ve been intending to embroider a pillow with that on it for years. I know I can buy a screenprinted pillow cover, but the SCA Laurel in me is insisting on it being hand embroidered on linen in natural dyed silk and wool thread.

  15. Black Tulip

    Not that you need me to tell you, but you go girls! Keep snarking on.

  16. ladyaquanine73551

    I’m sorry to hear that you are the latest victim of Free Speech Infringement on Facebook. You’d think a social media giant would know what that thing called “tolerance” was that they keep preaching. They often censor stuff they just plain don’t like, but often do it without warning, nor do they send any e-mails, specifying what offended them [or anybody else] to the victim–I mean patron. You ladies aren’t the only ones.

    It’s one thing to censor terrorist accounts that are trying to recruit idiots that will die for their loser causes.

    It’s another to censor someone just expressing their opinions on something like movie costumes, or actors, or even politics. Those three areas are not harmful to most people, and frankly, it’s stupid to try and censor them at all. You may as well live in some place like China, or Iran, where they censor just danged near EVERYTHING.

    Nobody is obligated to come to this website or its sister Facebook page. If they don’t like it, they can leave, not whine, bitch, and moan about how their “wittle feewings” have been hurt. This generation doesn’t seem to understand that not everyone is gonna agree with them about stuff, and somehow, they are led to believe they can change the rules to force everyone to think or talk the same way they do. Not gonna happen. We call it “free will” for a reason.

    I will admit that I don’t always agree with what you ladies say in your articles, our politics are different, as is how we view feminism, sex, and nudity; but I have been polite and have not said a word about it, or attacked your site out of some childish need for avenging my own feelings. That’s what REAL tolerance is all about, not what FAKEbook pretends is “tolerance.” There’s a reason I don’t use Facebook, though it’s not for the same reasons some people won’t use it. You can look up George Orwell and Einstein’s views on future “tech zombies” to see why I hate it.

    • Trystan L. Bass

      “That’s what REAL tolerance is all about, not what FAKEbook pretends is “tolerance.”” Thank you! Tho’ I don’t even pin it on Facebook, bec. they’re just using weak computer tools to do what some ppl think is what’s “right” — minor forms of censorship, as you alluded to. Sure, actual “yelling fire in a theater” hate speech & a few very truly harmful things should be dealt with by publishers, but things Person X doesn’t agree with? Then Person X shouldn’t look. And if they don’t want their kids looking, they can keep their kids from them & not be everyone else’s nanny.

  17. Karen A

    Your true snarky fans love your snark. Others are pure ill-humored idiots. End of discussion.

  18. Specially Made by Anne

    I love you guys. Your posts have helped me educate my young bf in the ways of costume happiness, and he has gotten many hours of confusion and giggles watching me have a cow at hair, lack of hair, clothes, lack of clothes and what on earth were the costumers of Reign thinking??? Keep it up.

  19. Elyse

    I like the new header :)
    And maybe a new post on fichus? Or the lack thereof? ;)

  20. Janette

    Keep up the excellent snarking. It is greatly appreciated. I love reading your latest over breakfast every day. Best accompaniment to coffee there is.

  21. Sharon

    snarkers gonna snark, haters gonna hate, everbody here?………………gonna love x x

  22. Liz

    I love your snark more than any other snark on the whole wide Innerwebz. You are up there with the Gallery of Regrettable Food of the 1990s in the annals of truly fabulous web snark.

    • Sarah Lorraine

      D’awww… We aspire to one day attain the level of Regretsy. In fact, if it weren’t for April Winchell and the bitches at Go Fug Yourself, I have no idea where we’d be in life.

  23. Peacoclaur

    Facebook sucks.

    Frockficks is awesome.

    The snark must flow.

  24. Miss Sara

    Please don’t ever stop. This blog adds to, and prolongs my enjoyment of all the period dramas I watch.

  25. Lila

    I love the snark! I don’t mind the cursing, I’m an adult. And FB has been sucking recently. About 3 weeks ago they unpublished my art page, and I have family friendly art on it, anyway, no reason was given for them “unpublishing” it.

    I sent several appeals and never heard from Facebook. So, I’m just putting the focus on my blog & my Instagram (unfortunately an FB company.) Boo Facebook!

  26. Monica Laipple

    PLEASE never ever ever tone down the snark. It is what I come here for. I am chronically ill and spend way to much time in bed watching historical movies and shows I NEED your humor!