TBT: Howards End (1992)

This is one of my very favourite movies ever, based on a book I admire and enjoy. Early on for Frock Flicks, I wrote about how in 1992 the film Howards End helped inspire me to finally travel the world. I finished that review saying of the movie — “So it’s not the happiest of endings, but it’s a just one. Life doesn’t always end up in tidy little packages with pretty bows, but we persevere. We walk across the countryside, we take the trip anyway.” Which, dayum, that was prescient for your own life, gurl. I’ve also noted that this is one of my top 5 frock flicks that makes me cry. And, of course, I complained about the 2017 remake, even though I reviewed the damn thing. But in all this mushy pontificating and remake whining, I only glossed over the glorious costumes designed by Jenny Beavan and John Bright in the 1992 original. So it’s time to fix that with a deep-dive wherein I give the frocks their due. Who’s with me?

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