TBT: Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)


Would you like some gothic horror served with a side of gorgeous 18th-century costumes and bad hair? Then Brotherhood of the Wolf aka Le Pacte des Loups (2001) is for you! Or for me, because this movie is just what I was looking for back in college, only it came out a decade later, dangit. Still, it’s a not-so guilty pleasure for all the eye-candy, as long as I ignore the hair, especially on the men. This was going to be a quick post about a few fancy costumes (most of which are recycled from earlier productions), but I got carried away and had some nice screenshots and then some historical info, and, well, things escalated…

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One Response

  1. Grace

    I originally bought this movie because I saw Gaspard Ulliel (RIP) was in it. Turn out he was in it for .00002 seconds but meh. Still became one of my favorite movies