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OK, this is the movie that inspired our website’s tagline of “because stretch velvet isn’t historically accurate.” But I’m gonna throwback this Thursday to 1995’s Braveheart anyway because today, September 18, 2014, is an historic moment in the history of Scotland — the nation votes on whether or not to remain part of the United Kingdom. “They’ll never take … OUR FREEDOM!”

Politics aside, it’s a kind of a crappy movie. Braveheart plays fast and loose with historical fact, even before it commits costume sins. William Wallace was minor gentry, not a highlander, Robert the Bruce didn’t betray Wallace, Princess Isabella was three years old when all this happened and couldn’t have had an affair with Wallace, among other errors.

Which leads me to Isabella (played by Sophie Marceau in the movie). She has a wardrobe made entirely of stretch panne velvet, oh so incredibly inaccurate for 13th-century England. Take note, this is not how it’s done!

But go Scotland, rock on with your independent selves!



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5 Responses

    • Sarah Lorraine

      I think I’m softening in my old age, but looking at the stills of Sophie Marceau, I don’t hate her dresses nearly as much as I did back when the movie first came out.

      Probably because The Tudors proved to me just how BAD film costuming can truly be.

  1. Jerry

    Joann must have had their panne on sale or the costumer had lots of coupons!

  2. Charlotta

    That pink dress is the ultimate reason my ex said he didn’t want to watch movies together with me anymore. Apparently I destroyed the whole experience by complaining about it.