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We started Frock Flicks with a podcast way back in 2007, and we occasionally delve back into that format. These days, when we podcast, we’re more likely to have an accompanying blog post with pix that fill out the audio commentary (like for our series on The Great). But those early podcasts were for some excellent movies and shows that also deserve visuals, thus, I’m slowly going through the backlog, starting with Belle (2013). Do check out the Belle podcast for our thoughts on the overall plot, history, and, of course, the costumes!

Do you want to read all of this review (with over 2,500 words and over 85 images) about Belle (2013)?  The full post is available on Patreon for our subscribers! Check it out here. We’ll make this post available to everyone one year from today. Until then, only Patreon subscribers can view it!

Patreon-only post - Belle (2013)

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  1. Saraquill

    For those of us who don’t have access to the Patreon post, I strongly recommend checking out Crow’s Eye Productions on Youtube and their videos on Dido. One video is all about the costume porn, and the other goes into the background behind the painting.


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