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Hey, we know it’s kind of crass, but you clicked the link, so we’re not going to beat around the bush. Frock Flicks costs us money to run. Mostly, there’s a webhost to pay because we need a TON of bandwidth due to all the movie costume images and traffic spikes we get. Frock Flicks is just a labor of love for the three of us writing and posting five days a week after our day-jobs.

We’ve tried running ads on this site, but that rarely has a payout. So we’re asking for direct contributions, either one-time donations via PayPal or monthly support via Patreon. You can even buy our T-shirts and swag!


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If you love our work, and you have a few bucks to spare, we’d appreciate a donation (please $5 minimum to cover transaction fees). Think of this like supporting public broadcasting, but you get more swearing and no tax deduction. We really appreciate it!!! AND make sure to suggest a frock flick for us to review — we’ll add a movie or TV show to our queue for consideration if it comes from a contributor.

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We have a Patreon page where you can pledge a small amount of your choice each month to help keep us going. And, every month or so, you may get exclusive content from Frock Flicks too!  Don’t forget to comment on the Patreon-only blog posts and tell us what you think and nominate movies and TV shows to review — again, we’ll add suggestions from those who support our site.

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If you want to support us, but you want something out of it for yourself , why not buy our Frock Flicks branded merchandise? Visit our Spreadshirt store or our Zazzle store to get your very own snark-tastic T-shirts and other gear that proclaims you’re a Frock Flicker.

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