Summer Repeat: Queen Margot (1994)


The Frock Flicks team is taking a little time off for a summer break, so we’re repeating some favorite posts from the archives.



This French film tells the story of the wedding of Marguerite de Valois to Henri IV of France (then king of Navarre) and the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, both in 1572. Although the film downplays the role of religion in the 16th century, gives Margot a modern sense of sexuality, and ignores the fact that the massacre was mostly carried out by common Parisians, it still hits the major plot points of the real history. Of course, it is an adaptation of the 1845 novel by Alexandre Dumas, and thus not drawn from historical sources.


Queen Margot (1994)

1994 Queen Margot


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  1. Roxana

    Marguerite had lovers, as did Henry, but she wasn’t slutty as shown. And Catherine de Medici wasn’t the evil queen in Snow White. Basically she was just a mother trying to save the throne for her sons. She wasn’t overweighted with scruples but what was meant as the assassination of Coligny seems to have spun out of her control into a nightmare she never intended.