Spanish Princess SNEAK PEEK


We’ve been working diligently to bring you insider information on the latest historical costume dramas coming to TV screens, and have we got a treat! We were honored to receive advance screeners of The Spanish Princess (2019) from Starz, and now we have to totally take back every snarky thing we said about it before.


First of all, the writing is amazeballs. Philippa fucking Gregory, no more — this is Philippa Super-Fine Gregory to us forever! The mastery of her prose shines through in this script, and her creative, insightful plot drives every minute of the story forward to new delights. You will not be disappointed when you watch as her feisty heroines and hearty heroes are put through their paces in blissfully exotic fashion. If you watch this and don’t end up wanting to BE Charlotte Hope’s scrappy Catherine of Aragon and DO Ruairi O’Connor’s hunky Henry Tudor, we just don’t know what’s wrong with you! Truly, who needs real history when you have a storyline this exciting? We are converts.

Spanish Princess (2019)

True love! Shagging! It’s the best!

Then there’s the costumes. Designer Phoebe De Gaye really outdoes herself with her attention to detail. We can’t get enough of her lush fabrics and rich colors. She particularly excels at accessorizing, and it all makes perfect sense for the characters and story. You’ll definitely understand why, for example, Catherine has to be barefoot or why her hair is flowing free and why her ladies-in-waiting wear so many head necklaces. In fact, it’s a key plot point that the Spanish women bring head necklaces to England and start a fashion trend, along with the windmill farthingale that would be so important in English fashion for the next century.

Spanish Princess (2019)

Lina de Cardonnes is bringing the look! Yaaaaas!

Spanish Princess (2019)

Everybody is on board the head-necklace train, & we are HERE FOR IT! Also, thank you, Phoebe De Gaye for explaining how Spain invented the windmill farthingale & how it’s related to Don Quixote. We’re always learning something!

Spanish Princess (2019)

A court physician told Catherine of Aragon that walking barefoot would cure her terrible plantar fasciitis, so whenever possible, she eschewed shoes. However, this actually made the problem worse, leading to pains that made her ask Henry to carry her around during the later part of their marriage. More than his desire for a son & heir, this burden weighed on their marriage.

We wish we could tell you more about The Spanish Princess because, wow, this is one of the finest historical costume productions we’ve seen on TV in YEARS. You are going to be really impressed — would we lie to you?!?!?!


Tune in to Starz on May 5th!

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  1. Alice Shortcake

    Just for a few seconds there I was scared that you ladies had lost your minds or that I’d lost mine…then I remembered the date.

  2. Susan Pola Staples

    Best April Fool’s joke ever. I was wondering about if you’d lost your mind, then looked up at my calendar and grinned.

  3. Nzie

    Omg. I figured it out once you said you got a screener. :-)

  4. Lisa

    Hmm, I know it’s my birthday (no, not kidding), but I’m sensing a strong sarcasm here. Maybe I should find my prettiest head necklace to go with my birthday outfit before I head out on my errands.

  5. Roxana

    At first I thought I’d lost my mind. Then I thought no, our bloggers have lost theirs. ThenvI thought, right, sarcasm but why? Then the first comment told me what day it was.

    • picasso Manu

      I was having a good cackle after a brief moment of panic, when I thought you ladies had lost your collective minds, but now I’m groaning: They WILL quote you to sell their drivel, I just know it!

  6. Rachel

    I didn’t get it until the very end. facepalm In my defense, I had very little sleep last night…

  7. LadySlippers

    Thank god it’s 1April because I thought I had entered the Twilight Zone…. lol

    But you got me! Lol

  8. Katie

    Obviously a prank. If it had been real, you would have been swooning over the hot sex Katherine has with her One True Love , Prince Arthur.

  9. Katriona

    I was yelling and then I remembered what day it is. This is brilliant! :’D

  10. Sarah F

    I was so enjoying the sarcasm that I forgot it was April 1st. I just assumed it was The Business Of Snark, per usual.

  11. Charity

    You had me for 15 seconds when I read the title — and then I started laughing hysterically. BRAVO!

  12. M.E. Lawrence

    It is 1 a.m. and I am in a really boring part of England, beset by jet lag and Brexit weirdness. Y’all are CRUEL.

  13. Kim

    Haha, that was a good one! I was quite confused for a while, thinking “huh…?” I couldn’t work it out and thought it was so strange… But I am in Australia where it’s the end of the 2nd now, so I had already moved on and forgotten all about April fools!

  14. Justme

    Catching up on old articles here; As soon as i read “Philippa Super-Fine Gregory” i scrolled up to check the date