SNARK WEEK: About That Typo


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So you found a typo on Frock Flicks, huh? Or you want to point out that we got a date wrong somewhere or transposed the words in a title? Scientific opinion (and not just us frazzled and time-crunched writers at Frock Flicks HQ) says you’re being a dick. Yep, that’s true because SCIENCE.

Hidden Figures

Linguists at the University of Michigan conducted a study about how personality traits influence people’s reactions to errors in written text. The result: “less agreeable people are more sensitive to grammatical errors,” and people who noticed the errors were “less tolerant of deviations from convention.” Go clicky the linkys for proof of what a jerk you are.

Bette Midler

And then have a little compassion for us before you bitch about occasional problems in this blog we publish five times a week for zero profit in our free time after our day-jobs.

There are ways to KINDLY point out errors that are genuinely HELPFUL. Check out CopyWriteMatters for tips. The #1 suggestion? Take it private — you can email us or message us any old time vs. whining on a blog post.

Downton Abbey - I just threw that in for free



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18 Responses

  1. Susan Pola Staples

    I’ve really never noticed typos from Frock Flicks Team. I mean with my autocorrect issues….
    Keep up the good work, Cogito ergo Snark!

  2. Jill

    Honestly, you guys have a really clean, nearly typo-free website. I know, because I pay attention to these things, and often wear a shirt that says “I am silently correcting your grammar.” I find it charming to read something with a lot of profanity that is grammatical. Such a breath of fresh air.

    • MoHub

      I’m with you. As a retired copyeditor, I’m very aware of typos and grammatical errors, but I usually refrain from making corrections unless someone else points out mistakes while making errors of their own or calls another poster stupid or a moron; then I’ll lay into that person with all the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage knowledge in my toolkit. And my shirt says, “I am the grammarian about whom your mother warned you.”

  3. Kathleen Norvell

    I’m a professional writer/editor so I notice typos and grammatical errors. However, unless they occur at my place of work, I am usually too polite to mention them.

  4. Peacoclaur

    I only notice typos if I’m proofreading for work or if they are blindingly obvious. and I’ve NEVER seen any on FrockFlicks.

    Compared to some other websites I’ve seen you are a model of professionalism and style. Besides given the issues of posting on tablet devices and autocorrect I refuse to throw stones in a glass house.

  5. Janette

    I wish I could notice typos. I am a writer and being typo prone, (well to be honest a poor speller) I really really need to be as good at spotting typos as you guys are at spotting metal grommets.
    In future however I will simply quote the above when corrected. Thank you.

  6. Alexa

    Thank you SO VERY MUCH for insulting us autists. Science says that jerks are less tolerant of neurologically deviant people and call them dicks.

    • Sarah Lorraine

      None of the articles, including this one, mention autism. The studies were conducted on neurotypical subjects. WTF is this comment, even?

    • Trystan L. Bass

      Hey, you’re the one saying autists are the ppl noticing typos & thus are jerks. We didn’t say that, nor did the studies we linked to. Whatever, dude.

  7. Lisa

    I’m sorry because I did this yesterday. I never comment on typos or grammar errors but wrong dates can be very confusing when we’re discussing history or filmography. It would feel way over the top to personally message one of you guys as though it was extremely offensive to me.

    • Jeanne

      Yeah, I agree. I know it’s snark week but this reaction feels a little over the top, and I feel like personally messaging about a typo etc. is much ruder. Idk.

    • JessB

      I think I’ve pointed out typos in the past (here and elsewhere) as a comment, but when I do that I try to make it just one sentence as part of a broader comment.
      So, I’ll actually respond to the post and say what I liked about it, and then finish with something like ‘By the way, I think it should be 1840 not 1480 in the last paragraph, just a typo. Love your work!’
      Which I think is much nicer to receive than some comments I’ve seen about typos and errors.
      By the same token, once I’ve written a comment like that, I don’t have to post it. I can just select all, copy it, and click the icon to email the site which appears on every page. If that’s what Trystan and Sarah are asking for if people notice an error and want to let them know, I can try to do that!