SNARK WEEK: Reasons Why We Snark


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We snark, you snark, but the philosophical question of this week is why? Maybe we’ll never know, but we can take this ridiculous poll in the meantime!




Share more of your reasons why in the comments!



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Three historical costumers who decided the world needed a podcast and blog dedicated to historical costume movies and everything right and wrong with them.

20 Responses

  1. Susan Pola Staples

    We snark to protect History and Frocks from error out of love.

    Thank you FrockFlicks.

  2. susan l eiffert

    Because I strongly dislike ignorance, laziness, and self indulgence in all areas of life including film.

  3. Susan Haseltine

    Because we need to and it is mean to do it to private individuals on social media but totally acceptable to do it for movie costumes!

  4. mmcquown

    Because, while I think that media are primarily entertainment, as a reenactor, I think the public have a right to see what history actually looked like, rather than see some “relatable” BS from idiotic producers. How people dressed how they moved, how they went about their daily tasks, and reflected how they thought and felt. As an example: Puritans are often shown wearing nothing but black. In fact, they did NOT wear black because a) they would consider it presumptuous, and b) black was a very expensive colour to produce.

    • nesseire

      It is true that they wore lace? Because, as far as I know, it was very expensive too (plus, difficult to wash and iron), unless you mde it yourself.

  5. Jennifer Faith

    Because it’s fun, we need to get the truth out there and because we are nitpicky clothing nazis who can’t NOT see glaring inaccuracies

  6. Lynne Connolly

    When a movie doesn’t pretend to be an accurate depiction of history, like A Knight’s Tale, I’m cool with that. But when it claims to show history as it was, like Braveheart, then it deserves to be called out. People see something like that and really believe it happened like that.

    • Roxana

      I agree with you. Obvious historical fantasies can be given a pass but something that claims to be true to the history? No!

    • Nzie

      Yes, exactly. I also don’t care as much in live performances—like, we all know it’s not real! But I think films have such verisimilitude in creating a complete vision of a world that going half-in is a whole problem. Make it unrealistic, make it obviously anachronistic, etc., and I might wish they’d gone more historical, but I am much more accepting. But it’s like everyone wants to simultaneously get credit for bringing centuries old fashion to life and moan about how awful it is and how they had to fix it for modern audiences. Newsflash: your stuff looks weird, too, and people are fine with it—they can handle the historic stuff.

  7. ADoyle

    Because it’s fun, and because some might actually think that Phillipa Fucking Gregory’s stuff is what actually happened, for example.

    • Roxana

      Even supposedly sober histories can get pretty sensational about this period but at least they don’t make the Woodville ladies witches!

  8. MrsC (Maryanne)

    RELATABLE is a word that is starting to bring me out in hives. I was watching Bernadette Banner’s latest video where she is interviewing the actress that interprets Mrs Crocombe in the famous videos of Audley End House’s living history programme on YouTube and they are all about getting it right or as close as they can. Living History and historic interpretation are becoming ever more a part of visiting historic places, so why is screen work so goddam sloppy???!!!

  9. CatherineW

    All of the above: they’re each relatable to the snark that is my life.

  10. Frannie Germeshausen

    Because the real story is usually much more interesting than the “interpretations” presented as history (ahem “Elizabeth” ahem – I started yelling at the screen).

  11. Monica K

    People consume so much more media than actual historical books or paintings, and so the snarking is necessary to show the difference. Plus, it’s fun to ‘catch’ the bad costuming/hair especially if the show/movie isn’t all that good to begin with.

  12. Cheryl from Maryland

    Because some of my colleagues at the Smithsonian were snookered into advising on material culture for that excrescence “The Patriot” and ended up being cruelly used as proof that entire crapfest was “historical.” Snark is needed to protect history and historians.

  13. Fiz.

    I do it because I have a history degree and love historical fashion. I am sick of shoddy film production errors and don’t even get me started on trailing hair on all actresses and no hats etc etc!