SNARK WEEK: Comments That Chap My Hide, Part 3


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Every couple of Snark Weeks, I let loose and whine about the comments we get. The majority of our commentariat is smart, funny, engaging, and cool. We love you wacky bastards, especially our regular readers! But we do this long enough and we attract un-cool fuckers as well. I feel like during the pandemic, some of the commenting has taken a nasty turn, and I’ve had to delete a lot of straight-up rude shit from both the blog and our social media. Because yessiree, as Editor in Chief, I see fit to delete anything in our little media empire that bugs me, and I’ll even ban commenters if they’re repeat offenders. This isn’t your free-speech zone, it’s ours.

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve seen lately that irritates the fuck out of me and is likely to just get deleted because we don’t have time anymore for that kind of crap here…



“I’m disappointed in this site…”

Fine. Leave. Don’t comment! We don’t need your weaksauce judgement.

Men in Tights - Good riddance to bad rubbish



“How dare you!”

Because we dare! We’re just that kind of daring gals who daring do!

Enola Holmes - very daring



“You didn’t watch the show because…”

Sorry, but I did watch the stupid show, that’s literally the point of this blog. And I saw different things in the show and have different opinions of it than you do. That doesn’t mean I didn’t watch it.

Downton Abbey - Oh stop moaning



“You’re not a good feminist because you criticized a woman…”

This has come up a few times, and from seemingly female-identifying commenters. Well, do they have a limited and inaccurate view of feminism! The concept of “feminism” is simply that women are equal human beings and deserve equal rights and opportunities. It doesn’t mean women always must be praised as perfect creatures. Women and female characters onscreen can be flawed, complex, nuanced, hateful, horrible, stupid, vapid, pointless, and terrible, just as equally as men and male characters onscreen.  We’re not going to hold punches against an awful actress or female character JUST because they’re female. And considering that we review far more female-focused frock flicks, when we praise something, we’re more likely to praise women. To nitpick the few times we have problems with an actress or female character is you being precious.

Gentleman Jack - It's not illegal




Obsessing with a tiny topic & historical nitpicking

I get it, we’re all here because we’re obsessed with little historical bullshit, and we love to nitpick it. BUT the massive essay-long comments where someone shows off everything they know about how a movie was filmed or an actor’s biography are tedious. Likewise, I’m annoyed when one person goes on with many, many comments about a particular flick’s lack of historical accuracy in plot, but they add nothing to the discussion of that flick’s costumes. Showing off what you know like this is a form of trolling. It’s a status-enhancing activity to make yourself feel more important. It’s narcissistic.

You could say our whole blog is narcissistic, but at least we created our own place to show off our knowledge and opinions. We’re not piggy-backing on top of someone else’s space. So please be pedantic on your own turf, kthx!

Bridgerton - Shoo



Rudeness, abuse, & name calling

Yeah, this has happened more in the past few years, unlike in the past. Both on the blog and on Facebook. I delete and ban as fast as possible. There is absolutely no excuse for shitty behavior like that, pandemic or no.

Our Flag Means Death - would love some feedback



OK, come at me, bro!



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10 Responses

  1. ED

    Well now I have to wonder what the distaff counterpart to “Come at me bro!” would be: “Take a swing, sista!” perchance? “Hit me chica!” perhaps?

    • Mary

      Not sure it’s completely accurate as a counterpart, but “try me, bitch” will get the job done.

  2. Jillian

    First, I need to know who person is in the ‘Very Daring’ gif, because hello! Secondly, fuck that gatekeeping feminism bullshit! If a woman, fictional or otherwise, does something that requires being criticized, it’s not “BaD fEmInIsM” and she should be criticized.

  3. Carrie

    “When one person goes on with many, many comments about a particular flick’s lack of historical accuracy in plot, but they add nothing to the discussion of that flick’s costumes.”


    I’ve… probably done this once or twice?


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