SNARK WEEK: Behind the Scenes at Frock Flicks HQ


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Many of you can guess how much work goes into producing Frock Flicks, but others might be surprised! There’s just three of us — Trystan (our editor in chief), Kendra, and Sarah — who write all the content, handle all the website design and tech, record and edit the podcasts, post to social media, etc. Oh sure, we occasionally pull in outside help, but 99.9% of it is all us, all the time.

The good news is that while we don’t make any money at this (and rely on your support to fund things like webhosting and podcasting equipment), we have a really good time. The three of us use a secret Facebook group to keep ourselves organized, and while no, you can’t join, I thought I’d let you in on some of the fun behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on at Frock Flicks headquarters.

So without further ado, in addition to lots of boring stuff, here’s what we do behind the scenes:


Inspire/Bug Each Other to Write Content (aka Continue the Snark)

Yes, while we can’t get to everything, we really do read your suggestions!

Snark Week posts can be months or years in the making… The image is from The Libertine, by the way.

And when it just seems right, we kick titles to each other to review!

We also post notes to ourselves, so we don’t forget.

Sometimes we ask each other to fall on particular grenades… Kendra took this one, here’s the result.

It’s always better if our snarking is informed snarking

Sarah continues to evade my requests. Harumph.

We know our readers are scatalogical…

When the snark flows…

…you just can’t stop it!


Confuse Each Other

Put down the smelling salts! We meant the recent French movie about Henri IV! Which, by the way, I still feel is one of my better snarky reviews that y’all have refused to embrace. Harumph again. Nobody understands my genius.


Mock Humanity

Oh yes, Answering Your Most Pressing Questions will get a sequel.

How can we not, when someone in the world is searching for such vital info?

Shaking my head at the future of humanity.


(Occasionally) Mock Our Readers

See? (Some of us) care about you! Trystan doesn’t, though.

We do love you. But please to remember we don’t get paid for this, so pony up your support and quit your bitching.

I’m not telling which comment/post we were specifically referring to, but if you want to see a lot of misplaced indignity, read the comments on my snark of Pride & Prejudice & Pigs.

I love you guys, but if one more person tells me that thing is a stove, I’m going to hurt someone.

Here’s the graphic in question, from Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.

So wait, I’m confused. Do you guys WANT us to review Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries??!!

We love you guys, but seriously, SEARCH THE SITE before you suggest movies to review!

Oh random mansplainer, how you entertained me.


And Yes, Mock Each Other

Sarah was pumped!

Trystan resisted the siren call of Grease!


Pat Ourselves on the Back for Being Hilarious and/or Fabulous

I’m convinced that Effie Gray preview post receives so much spam because of my choice of tags.

Y’all really should become Patreon subscribers, because then you get bonus content, including podcasts JUST for you!

I loves me some HBC.

Sarah speaks truth to power.

It’s sometimes painful being able to read posts ahead of when they’re published…


This post gets all the hits, but this post has all the research. Listen to us lose our shit about all of this on our first Outlander podcast

Six months later, we realized that we failed to get any documentation for you. We’re (kind of) sorry!

Sometimes y’all get butthurt. Our FAQ arose as a result.


Pat Our Readers on the Back for the Same

Really, this meme ALWAYS applies. Thanks Stephani!


Get Inappropriate

Note! No assplay in soundcheck!

Sometimes we like to just relive the magic of a good podcast

Here’s that gif, FYI. You’re welcome.

We did a panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con! It was very on-brand as you can see.

Someday we WILL have a “caption this” contest so y’all can win a t-shirt… (in the meantime, feel free to buy one!).

Madame Bovary might not have rocked Trystan’s world, but Ezra Miller sure did!

What a girl won’t do for her besties!

Someday. You have been warned.

Okay, so we do have one video of us drunk & bitching. But this particular moment of genius was enshrined on our What They’re Saying page…


Thanks to our readers for giving us a reason for all this hilarity! We love y’all (even when we bitch about you)!



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34 Responses

  1. Stephani

    Bahahahar! Refrains of “drag queen threw up on it,” a softly cooed “hooooooor,” and “no assplay” will repeat in my head all afternoon. Thank goodness no one can hear me snorting.

  2. Liutgard

    Just offhand- One of you mentioned ‘Stealing Heaven’. It was… well, the backlaced ‘bliauts’ that Heloise wore annoy me for the nearly pastel colors, and well, the backlacing. I simply cannot support that. But she was cute in them. HER HAIR though- drove me nuts.The rest of the costumes were pretty much meh. Standard ratty ‘medievalish’ fare. The movie itself though- not bad for the time. And Derek de Lint was pretty.

    So yeah, give it a shot!

    • Andrew.

      Its been years since I’ve seen Stealing Heaven. The only two things I remember specifically are the matte painting background of 12th C. Paris and that the song the students are singing in the tavern is to the tune of Sic Mea Fata from the 12-13th C. Carmina Burana.

  3. Susan Pola Staples

    As anyone knows, Gentle Reader, young ladies who are well bred use Bobby pins/Kirby clips, ergo since this vixen isn’t, we will classify her as a ‘hope’. ??

  4. Liz

    Oh Trystan, you tried to watch Van Helsing for us? Twice??? You are a stronger woman than I. I made it through about 10 minutes of this travesty, which I only tried because an old gymnastics teammate of mine was Kate Beckinsale’s stunt double. It looked like she got to have some fun with wirework, at least.

    Hm…maybe I’ll see if I can hit her up sometime for an interview about what it’s like to do stunts in historical costume. Would you guys be into that at all?

    • Sarah Lorraine

      “Van Helsing” is actually something I want to get around to watching for the blog because my tollerance for wtf is apparently much higher than K&T’s. It looks gloriously bad and as someone raised on MST3k it’s right up my alley.

      Now, try to get me to watch some weepy historical chick flick and watch while I pass out from boredom.

    • Trystan L. Bass

      Oh I tried! But my hate for bad vampire flicks has only grown as I’ve gotten older & now they just make me spit fire instead of any good snark ;-)

  5. Susan Pola Staples

    I moderately enjoyed Stealing Heaven as it told Heloise and Abelard’s tale. What I didn’t like was Heloise’s hair being uncovered. Someone should have whacked the costume and hair designers with a ruler and said (as one would dress a first grader) ‘You will write on the blackboard 1,000 times : In the future, all women in medieval films will have their hair covered!’ This ends the lesson.

  6. Janet Nickerson

    Regarding covering a real porn film (and not just costume porn), I’m reminded of something my husband said to a fellow re-enactor years ago when they were viewing an x-rated pirate film titled ‘Snatchbuckler’. A pirate was shagging a captive and my hubby said ,’look, he’s wearing a tawny sash!’

  7. Karen

    You have validated my shouting at the tv…my husband smiles and nods and then I get out the books to prove a point…I’d do shadow puppets too, but well, you know…creepy. Seriously, best read. My face hurts now.

  8. Bea

    I’m getting stares as I read this on my mobile. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. Well, it’s more like choking down guffaws.

      • Charity

        Did you not make it that far into “The White Queen”? =P

        Tumblr is now full of idio–I mean, fans of the other series who are legit convinced Elizabeth of York was totally banging her uncle Richard! I mean, how could she not? :P

    • Liutgard

      Holy crap.

      Those costumes are hideous (they make Reign look good), but if the screenplay is modeled on a book? I hate PG more than ever. Can’t believe how much ‘knowledge’ people have because of people like her, that I have to try to undo in the classroom.

      • Charity

        I feel your pain. I spend half my time telling people: no, EoY didn’t screw her uncle, no, Margaret Beaufort didn’t murder the missing princes, no, Henry VII was not a rapist, no, Anne Boleyn wasn’t an incestuous whore, no…

  9. Susan Pola Staples

    *stomach turns in nausea* No matter how hot one believes RIII was, that’s still yuck. But I believe uncle-niece marriages were not unheard of during Medieval and Renaissance times.

    • Liutgard

      In theory, no- it’s expressly against Canon Law. For some matters one could get a dispensation, but for one to be given for an uncle/niece pairing, circumstances would have to be extreme indeed.

      And I do not believe that there is any evidence of a liaison between young Elizabeth and RIII.

      • Susan Pola Staples

        I agree there is no evidence of that kind if behavior from Elizabeth and RIII.
        I refuse to read, watch or listen to books by PG as her research is atrocious and she creates facts and/scenes from the aether (air).
        I know about canon law as a Catholic, but I remember somewhere inky readings of history that if there were marriages btw uncle and niece, dispensations were given.

        • Liutgard

          Dispensations *could* be given, but at that stage, there would have to be a really good reason, like keeping a kingdom within eh RC and not letting it go to the Protestants, etc. Or if there was a war- something that would make it VERY politically expedient for the Pope to do it. Because even with a dispensation, it is still scandalous.

          However, my understanding is that PG says there was an affair- not a marriage. And frankly, I cannot imagine that a woman who would take her children to sanctuary for fear of a man is likely to let her political pawn oldest eligible daughter get anywhere near the man. Especially after the boys vanished.

          • Susan Pola

            If I remember correctly Elizabeth of York was at RIII’s court while Anne, his wife, was alive. Richard sent Elizabeth after Anne’s demise to one of his estates . Sutton Hoo or something like that. I further believe her sister, Cecily, was sent with her.
            As I don’t believe that RIII killed/executed Edward and Richard of York, Elizabeth Woodville permitted them going to Court, while Queen Anne was alive and knew of her daughters being sent to the country. BTW does anyone read Elizabeth Peters? She wrote a modern mystery, The Murders of Richard III. It was set at a re-enactors weekend. Good snarks from Jacqueline Kirby, her detective, we librarian.