SNARK WEEK: Bad Costume Bingo


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Bad Costume Bingo

We leave you at the end of this Snark Week with an update of our old game, Bad Costume Bingo! It’s played like the usual B-I-N-G-O — you need to get five in a row. How? Just watch some shitty frock flicks, easy enough.

Spot that zipper, the unnecessary lacing, the questionable fabric choices, the bangs and side-parts, and all the head necklaces to win!

Not sure what an unfortunate biggins is or why skirt-hiking is a problem? Check out our Frock Flicks Starter Kit for a guide to our snark.

And enjoy our Bad Costume Bingo like a Snark Week all year round, at home, at parties, with friends and family, online and off. It’s like having the Frock Flicks team right by your side as you watch that movie, except we won’t drink all your booze.

To get started, download one or all of these five different PDF bingo cards and print out as many copies as you like. Then, while you watch the next crappy historical costume TV series on Starz, see if you can check off five squares in a row.

Remember, the center square is free because, let’s face it, there’s a lot of shit that doesn’t fit out there.

Bad Costume Bingo Card 1

Bad Costume Bingo Card 2

Bad Costume Bingo Card 3

Bad Costume Bingo Card 4

Bad Costume Bingo Card 5

Get the whole set so you can play with friends. Enjoy and share with us how you well you do — take pix and post to our Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter!





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Trystan L. Bass

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A self-described ElderGoth, Trystan has been haunting the internet since the early 1990s. Always passionate about costume, from everyday office wear to outrageous twisted historical creations, she has maintained some of the earliest online costuming-focused resources on the web. Her costuming adventures are chronicled on her website, TrystanCraft. She also ran a popular fashion blog, This Is CorpGoth, dedicated to her “office drag.”

7 Responses

  1. susan

    I thoroughly enjoyed sharing your brilliantly compiled and annotated snark this week. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. Keith Fraser

    Unfortunate Biggins sounds like a novelty folk trio from rural Massachusetts who will be playing at your local Ren Faire this Saturday…


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