Signs Your Frock Flick Addiction Is Out of Control


Some people are addicted to thrills or drugs, Robert Palmer said you’re addicted to love, and some of us can’t get through the day without a caffeine fix. But if you’re reading this site, you just might be addicted to historical costume movies and TV shows. If you identify positively with the statements below, yep, you’re one of us. You’re addicted and there’s no 12-step program that can help! #SorryNotSorry


You May Be Addicted to Historical Costume Movies and TV If…


Sunday nights when Masterpiece Classic airs Poldark and HBO also shows Game of Thrones makes for household conflict (or a full DVR).

dangerous-beauty 1998

Don’t even try to touch that remote.


You yell at the screen when you see metal grommets in a historical costume movie or TV show.

1994 interview with the vampire

This is an outrage!


Just the mention of Braveheart will cause swearing.



You’re still a little miffed that Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson broke up.

1995 Sense and Sensibility

This one still cuts deep.


Glenda Jackson is your Queen Elizabeth

1971 Elizabeth R


Jennifer Ehle is your Lizzie Bennet

1995 Pride and Prejudice

Bring it, Knightly.


Kirsten Dunst is your Marie-Antoinette



Katherine Hepburn is your Eleanor of Aquitaine.

the lion in winter 1968


You’ve left a scythe around for your male sig.other in the hopes that he’d get a hint about the gardening.




Visiting Highclere Castle sounds like a better vacation than going to DisneyLand.

The Princess Bride


You can spot an unfortunate biggins a mile away.

1998 Ever After



The Netherfield Ball plays a key part in your sexual fantasies.

1995 Pride and Prejudice

And, let’s be honest, so does this scene.


You wonder why so many men in Elizabethan period films are dressed for riding while at court, what with all the boots instead of shoes.

the borgias 2011-13

Cannot Even.


Hate-watching Reign is totally a thing.



Your dream wedding includes Claire’s gown from Outlander, the church from The Sound of Music, and the reception that Lady Rose had in Downton Abbey.


And if you’re lucky, this husband.


Free-flowing hair and a lack of hats make your teeth itch.

Pride & Prejudice 2005


You had a picture of Helena Bonham Carter as Lady Jane Grey in your high school locker.

Lady Jane (1986)



Colin Firth is your Mr. Darcy.


1995 Pride and Prejudice


Alan Rickman is your Col. Brandon.

Sense And Sensibility 1995


Sean Bean is your Vronsky.

anna-karenina 1997


Toby Stephens is your Rochester.

Jane Eyre (2006)


You love a Shakespearean movie set in any period, as long as it’s World War II or earlier.

Romeo and Juliet 1968


When your friends invite you to go see the latest comic book movie opening, you beg off because TMC is showing a Vivien Leigh double-feature.


Thanks, but no thanks.


Your dogs are named the Dowager Pupness and Ruff Poldark.

Another Period


Back-lacing in 18th-century gowns makes you throw up in your mouth a little.



You’re not British, but your interior monologue has a British accent.

Downton Abbey

Oh, tell the truth. Your inner monologue is played by the Dowager Duchess.


Two words: cravat porn.

2007 Becoming Jane


How else can you tell if you’re hopelessly addicted to historical costume movies and TV shows?


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33 Responses

  1. MoHub

    Well, not Ehle and Firth. I’m totally committed to Garvie and Rintoul.

    • Mary

      I am so happy to find another Garvie/Rintoul fan. I guess the first P&P you see stays with you always. I’m fine with Firth, too, but Jennifer Ehle was simply _not_ Elizabeth Bennett.

      • MoHub

        Having read the novel multiple times prior to 1980, I found Garvie and Rintoul were exactly what I’d visualized during my readings.

        And they weren’t my first. I had seen the Garson/Olivier version first and been sorely disappointed.

  2. Stephani

    LOLs! Oh, so true.
    Except, minor correction, Col. Brandon, not Capt. ;-}
    I should be editing.

      • Stephani

        Sorry, I didn’t mean that I should be editing FF posts!! I meant, I should be editing right now, i.e., doing my actual job instead of cruising your site. :-x

  3. Broughps

    Would rather have what Claire was wearing when Jamie came into the room as a wedding dress instead of the actual wedding dress, but yeah definitely that husband.

    Sorry but Matthew Macfadyen is my Darcy.

  4. Bea

    But… Ciaran Hinds is my Wentworth! Where’s the love? ;)

  5. mmcquown

    I can quit anytime. Really. No, I just point at the pages in Janet Arnold and scream at the TV screen occasionally…

  6. MoHub

    We needed Leslie Howard in Scarlet Pimpernel for the ultimate in cravat porn!

  7. Rowen G.

    I just looked at my smallish (less than 50) collection of dvds; the only two which are *not* pre-20th century are The Secret of Roan Inish and Songcatcher, neither of which is exactly modern. Obviously, I qualify as a fairly hopeless case. (Ciaran Hinds is my preferred Capt. Wentworth.)

    • Janette

      Secret of Roan Inish is worthy of the best collection. Delightful film though entirely lacking in costumes.

  8. Susan Pola

    I ticked off all the signs, but not my dream wedding. My dream wedding gown is Alexandra Feodorovna’s coronation gown, church is either York Minister or the Abbey and reception is at Blenheim or Arundel. I will admit that my engagement party dress is Claire’s Wedding Gown. Hubby is Jamie, *swoon*.
    Another sign is throwing things at TV when costume travesties appear, screaming at metal grommets and ROTFLI at really bad costumes.

  9. Charity

    Hate-watching Reign is totally a thing. It gives me deep joy to shriek, “WHAAAT??” at my television.

    FINALLY. Others who understand why Stephens is the best Rochester. And to think (oh horror) back when he was initially cast, I set up a howl of protest — only for him to persuade me to LIKE him right off the bat. No other Rochester has thus far managed it. :P

  10. May

    Um so I met suitable English gentel man married him emmigrated convinced him that he really really needed to live in a village and wear period clothing and take me balls so that we could learn period dance.

  11. Lady Hermina De Pagan

    Let’s see my spirit Husband is Alan Rickman, pick a role any role. My dream wedding gown is Little Edie Beale’s coming out gown from Grey Gardens. I adore that cape hood. I can also watch a Frock flick and see if they made custom patterns for the gowns or commercial patterns. I’m looking at you Simplicity 2859. Or if they copied gowns from a specific vendor who’s work is very recognizable. Look at Armstreet and the costuming in Robinhood.
    I hate to admit this but Mia Wasikowska is my Jane Eyre. We finally had a movie plain and feisty Jane.

  12. Liutgard

    Yeah, Ken and Emma split up. But then she went and married Greg Fucking Wise! OMG! Suck on that, Marianne! :-D

  13. Clara

    All the ticks all of them (except for the Poldark one, but alas, that’s the thing of not living in the States)


  14. MoHub

    Dalton may have been a tad too handsome, but he certainly captured the character.

  15. Ocean Senta

    Is it a bad sign that I’ve seen almost every movie/show that the gifs are taken from? I think that might be a sign of addiction right there!

  16. Susan Pola

    I think we all have seen the shows/movies that the gifs are from. Several times. It shows intelligence, good taste and the ability to drool over the clothes as well as Darcy, Mr Rochester, etal.