Resources related to the Outlander podcast


In our podcast for the first two episodes of the Starz series Outlander (listen here), we recommended the following resources if you want more info on the historical fashions of the 1740s in Scotland and the issue of hygiene in the 18th century…

Historical Images:

Research Articles and Books:

  • “Rediscovering the Arisaid,” by Anita Quye and Hugh Cheape, Costume, Volume 42 Issue 1 (01 June 2008), pp. 1-20. Available for purchase online or at libraries with scholarly journal collections.
  • The Age of Comfort: When Paris Discovered Casual — and the Modern Home Began, by Joan DeJean, 2009.
  • Tartan: The Highland Habit, by Hugh Cheape, 2006.

We hope these are useful in your exploration of the period and enjoyment of this series! If you have your own resources related to the topics covered in this podcast, feel free to share them.


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  1. Victoria

    I just ordered The Age of Comfort from my local library, I can’t wait to read it! Loved the podcast, keep making more <3