Quiz: Recycled Movie Costumes


We all know that historical costume movies and TV series often reuse costumes between shows and films. A gown made for one 18th-century frock flick goes into the stock at Angels or Western Costume and will get rented out for another 18th-century frock flick a few years later. Sometimes, the outfit will get a little re-trimming or a new collar or such. It just makes sense to recycle movie costumes when you have dozens or hundreds of main characters and extras to dress for a production.

Can you identify where some of these frocks have previously been flicked? Test your memory!


Thanks to Recycled Movie Costumes as a reference for this quiz! (Now don’t go using it to cheat, OK?)


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13 Responses

  1. Katie

    Oh, you know I love this. And….I missed one, which is certainly embarrassing considering I documented them…whoops!

  2. Konstantin

    Oh, it’s not loading for me! :( Just a big blank space… Duh. I’m looking forward to it, though, as reused costumes in period dramas are one of my fave topics.

  3. Sonich

    8/13….good one :-) now, im looking for bustle in The Tudors, because o simply need it 😂