Quiz: How Well Do You Know Black-&-White Frock Flicks?


You may have watched everything on Netflix and Amazon, you know all the latest BBC imports and PBS shows, you’ve seen all the frock flicks in theaters. But what about the classics? Do you know your Adrian from Orry-Kelly designs? Are you a fan of the Turner Classic Movies channel? Have you seen all the Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn historical costume movies? We’re gonna dial it back to black and white today!

It’s time to test your knowledge of the golden age of Hollywood historical films!



Let us know how you did on this quiz in the comments!


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32 Responses

    • Colleen

      It’s toward the bottom. If you see the image of Olivia De Havilland, that’s your link to the quiz.

    • LadySlippers

      I don’t have the link still — my guess is it’s due to how old my phone is.

  1. Sam Marchiony

    7/10, but I confess to guessing a lot of them! Bad frock-flicker! No biscuit!

  2. Mary

    8/10, and the 2 I missed were toss-ups. Thanks, Mom, for having me watch all those movies with you!

  3. Barbara

    8/10! I’m shocked that I knew as many as I did. :) There was definitely some educated guesswork involved.

  4. cljhansen

    7 out of 10, not too bad! That was fun, thanks!!!

    • M.E. Lawrence

      Oh, you are good. 7/10 here, and I should have gone with my first guess on two of them. But that’s OK; at least we’re all aware of b&w and have seen plenty. (And this reminds me that I miss our local film archive SO MUCH!)

  5. Kate D

    9/10! I’ve seen several, but need to expand my black and white viewing, I guessed on some answers. Scarlet Pimpernel is perfection.

  6. Colleen

    10/10 and I guessed on some. Thank you teenage years when I watched TCM for Silent Sundays.

  7. Charity

    9/10. Missed the last one. Have seen and/or heard of/studied most of the others. XD

  8. Shashwat

    10 out of 10 and I have lierally not watched any of these movies.WCW and MCM is a storehouse of knowledge.

  9. Nzie

    I’m a good guesser, too.. wish I’d gone with my first instincts on the two I missed. :-) Fun quiz!

    • MoHub

      Me, too. One I missed was a pure error, but the other I had an idea about and made the wrong choice.

  10. Karen K.

    7/10, so not bad since I was guessing some of them. But Gaslight isn’t a Hitchcock film, it’s George Cukor. Hitchcock directed Ingrid Bergman in Spellbound and Notorious.

  11. Lily Lotus Rose

    I got a 9/10 and most of my answers were educated guesses! This was fun.

    P.S. Thanks for reminding us of how impossibly gorgeous Gene Tierney was. Now I’ve got to watch that movie with her and Vincent Price, Dragonwyck!

    • Lily Lotus Rose

      It only took me three months, but I finally saw Dragonwyck. I LOVE it. It’s such a good movie. Gene Tierney and the oh-so handsome Vincent Price have such chemistry. Thanks!

  12. J Lou

    10 for 10! TCM is my crack, my chocolate, my fuzzy flannel sheets on a cold winter’s night.

  13. Tracy

    9/10. Oh man, I need to see those Flora Robson films again!

  14. SarahV

    There’s cool, then there’s Edith Head cool!