Quiz: Get Your Halloween Frock On!


Trick or treating may be canceled due to the pandemic, but you still want to dress up, right? So we’re here to help recommend the perfect historically themed Halloween costume for you! Just answer these few totally accurate and insightful questions…



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Tell us how your costume selection worked out and where you’d wear it this Halloween!


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Three historical costumers who decided the world needed a podcast and blog dedicated to historical costume movies and everything right and wrong with them.

19 Responses

  1. Kelly

    Funny that I got 18th century–one of my quarantine sewing projects was a lovely striped taffeta 18th-century frock! Just the thing for tossing candy (from a safe distance) to neighborhood children.
    Have a lovely time, all!

  2. Nzie

    18th century… I do have a project in mind.. but it’s a bit cost-prohibitive right now.

  3. Katie O.

    I got a Regency costume! That is one of my favorite periods so I love it. However I’m not doing anything so the most I think I’ll do is wear my Haunted Mansion t-shirt lol

  4. LE

    I got regency. Which is what I actually have worn for passing out candy for the past three years, so I guess there is something to this.

  5. Anna

    Historical vampire. Maybe next year. I don’t have time to pull it together over the next couple days, so I’m going to stick with my autumnal fairy costume that I’m actually able to complete.


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