Preview: Frock Flicks podcasts “Outlander”

To reboot our podcast series, we went with the obvious — yep, we watched the first two episodes of Starz new series “Outlander.” For the five of  you who’ve missed the massive online controversy, this TV series is based on a historical romance book series mostly set in 18th-century Scotland. Well, it starts out in 1945. You’ll need some willing suspension of disbelief (unless you’re a big fan of the books, like Kendra).

While you’ll have to wait till the podcast is edited and uploaded to get our full reviews, overall we gave the costumes a B+ to an A- grade, especially the men’s for the historically accurate use of kilts and tartan. Some of us found the story a little snoozy, but again, only Kendra had read the books. And yes, we fully and completely, and hopefully for the last time, addressed the controversial issues started by the show’s costume designer online. That part ranges from serious to silly, while running long, so wait for it!


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