Poll: What Do You Think of Recaps?


Reading an episode-by-episode recap of a series shortly after it airs on TV can be a lot of fun. There’s a sense of immediacy, you get more in-depth about the show, and fans can share opinions on every little detail.

But for your Frock Flicks crew, these recaps can be difficult to produce because we have a time crunch — we usually give ourselves two days to watch the show, make and edit screencaps, and write and edit our commentary (keeping in mind that we publish this blog outside of our 9-5 dayjobs and whatever family/personal obligations we have).

So it’s helpful for us to check in and find out how worthwhile these recaps are, and we’d appreciate your honest feedback here!


Survey closed – thank you!


Let us know what you think about recapping frock flick series in the comments!


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30 Responses

  1. Kate D

    The snarky recaps of terrible costumes are my favorite.

    I don’t watch all the shows you recap as they air (I let you bite the bullet on The Spanish Princess, so I didn’t have to watch it!) so if you decide to keep doing recaps but with a longer delay from when they aired, my enjoyment of reading your recap would not be lessened in the least.

    I read FrockFlicks every day that you post and love the depth of the patreon posts (the My Fair Lady post was a treat!). When I watch a show long after it’s aired, like how I only recently watched the first two seasons of Poldark, I’ll go back and reread your posts and recaps and enjoy them afresh.

    Thank you for all that you do for us! I love your work!

    • LadySlippers

      My Fair Lady was quite a treat!

      I too go back and look for posts on virtually any and every costume drama I watch. I’m also okay with more of a time delay if that helps you all.

  2. LadySlippers

    Most of the time I like your recaps — even if I don’t watch that show or episode but I have almost no tolerance for anything by PFG (unless it’s short and dripping with snark). Your recent foray into The Spanish Princess was a perfect example of me just not able to tolerate anything by her. So most of that I didn’t read.

    Is there a way to not make them so in-depth? You all often do deep dives into episodes that perhaps you could pull back on… I always look for win-win scenarios.

  3. Milla

    I love reading recaps (the Spanish Princess was a DELIGHT . . . in recap snark form, and the Gentleman Jack was icing on the cake). That being said, I know firsthand how much work recaps are, and I would gladly wait a few extra days and/or have them be Patreon features.

  4. Susan Pola Staples

    Oh frabjous day oh calloo callay I love your recaps whether they’re snark or deep dive or just to point out how terrific something is like the totally awesome Gentleman Jack or the incredibly bad PFG or anywhere in between.
    I’m looking forward to reading your Helen Mirren Catherine the Great posts whenever HBO decides to air it. Also season 3 of Harlots starts Wednesday. Not sure if that’s only in GB or on Hulu too.
    And yes, I’d definitely pay a small Patreon monthly fee too.

    • M.E. Lawrence

      I, too, so look forward to recaps of Mirren as C the G. Slightly TMI: Being from California, I appreciate kitsch and junk, my stern North-of-England husband not so much. Nevertheless, he is delighted by the phrase “Philippa Fucking Gregory” and your descriptions of addled Tudor history, especially Cousin Maggie Pole.

  5. Saraquill

    I enjoy the recaps, but I consider them to be a favor you do for us. I’d rather you three do what you like, rather than exhaust yourselves.

  6. thedementedfairy

    Your recaps of GJ were out before we got the show, so I delayed reading them til after each episode. Some of the others have also been ;discovered’ some years after you issued them, so I wouldn’t worry about when they come out [I mean, I NEEDED GoT recaps as soon as an episode was out, but I can wait for the joys of FrockFlickery [try saying that after three vodkas]
    Just keep ’em coming, don’t worry about timescales

  7. Grainne

    I mostly just read the snarky ones so I don’t have to watch the actual show. For shows I’ll actually watch, I don’t read the recaps. They’re fun, but I could do without them if they’re too much work for the team.

  8. No, the Other Anne

    Hello! Longtime reader, first-time commenter here.

    I tend to read recaps instead of watching things as they air, and then binge later by getting DVDs from the library or streaming. I’m gonna be lurking on this blog every day regardless, so as other folks are saying, please don’t worry about getting them out in a hurry.

    Your recaps have turned me on to shows I wouldn’t have known about otherwise, and I’ve learned so much about costuming and history from you all (regular commenters included!). Not to mention extensive validation of my previously-held opinions of PFG…

    Please keep up the great work in whatever way is sustainable!

  9. Andy

    First of all I love your recaps.
    But if the Recaps were Patreon only I would expect to be more in-dept like, going into greater detail about the costumes, as in why they are terrible/good and in relation to actual historical clothing and more analysis of the characters and scenes and things like that. If they were like that, and consistently so, I’d consider becoming a patron to read them.
    However if they continued to be like they are now, with sometimes just a little bit of a blurb to pictures then I’d only read them if they are free.

    Both are fun, but I’d only consider one of them worth paying for.

    • Andy

      Just to give an example. With the Spanish Princess I really hoped you’d go into more detail about some of the more ridiculous scenes and completely tear then apart, instead of just going “(pic)Magaret Beaufort wears a hood and is creepy (pic) Katherine wears the windmill dress again (pic)Lina continues to wear head necklaces”
      If more detail and snark/praise was provided, I’d gladly become a patreon for the recaps.

      • Kendra

        Stay tuned this Friday for an in-depth analysis of what the Spanish Princess fucked up, costume-wise! Yes, that kind of analysis is hard to turn around quickly.

    • Poetryqn

      Yep, what she said. I love the snark (particularly after a hard day), and it’s a joy to find a tribe who rants about PFG – it soothes me to know I’m not alone banging my head against the wall. But I have to take the middle ground on recaps. As they are now, I wouldn’t pay for them, but I would totally understand if they didn’t happen right after the show. If they went more in depth with photos and discussion like you do with the unlocked Patreon posts I would consider subscribing with my limited, discretionary, hoarded pennies. Thank you, ladies, for suffering through all the crap and spinning it into delicious snark, and for turning me on to all the good stuff I may have missed.

  10. Spider

    Your question about Patreon is misleading and unnecessarily snarky. It’s not a matter of whether I think your recaps are not worth paying for, it’s that I can’t AFFORD your Patreon. I live on disability and have to budget severely every month. There are so many Patreons I’d love to sponsor, yours being one of them, but there’s no way I can.

    • MoHub

      Hear, hear! I too have some financial issues and can’t currently afford to indulge in Patreon.

    • Nzie

      I’m glad you said this. I also am not in a position right now to support the patreon, but that doesn’t mean I think they’re worthless. I’d be sad to lose them if they went behind the paywall for a year, but as I don’t watch many of the shows live so I can wait, even though I love the live snarkfest on the bad ones.

  11. Working Mom Having It All

    I love recaps in two distinct ways:

    1, if I’m currently watching something and super obsessed with it, especially if I don’t know anyone else who is watching it. Which is often, for Frock Flick esque content (my husband doesn’t like historical dramas, and most of my girlfriends aren’t that into them unless there’s a specific angle that draws them in, for example queer themes in Gentleman Jack).

    2, if I’m catching up on an old show and want to see what people thought of it at the time, or just for that general nerding it up rabbit hole because it’s rare that people I know IRL are also watching, like, Lark Rise To Candleford or whatever. Not a Frock Flick per se (OR IS IT????) but I came late to the show Pose and have read a lot of recaps of Season 1 episodes because I have nobody to talk to about them.

    So I am pro recap, but also pro recapping older shows or not necessarily feeling that time crunch of posting the next day.

    I drastically prefer the recaps that talk about the clothes rather than “and then Professor Higginbotham told Charlotte she would never be admitted to the university” type recaps. Like… I just watched the show, I know what actually happened on it. (Also there are a TON of other sites that do general recaps of almost any current or recent show, if y’all wanted to save your typing fingers.) This is slightly less the case for snarky recaps of old things I’ll probably never watch, like the North And South recaps were EVERYTHING. But also I love it when y’all talk about the clothes there, too.

  12. Roxana

    Love the recaps but feel rather guilty about inflicting such agony on you. I can only assume next season will be worse.

  13. Gosia

    Please, keep recaps free! When reading your recap about “North and South” I was laughing tears :-D. And when I translated this recap into Polish for my mother she was laughing tears too :-D.

  14. Author Jennifer Quail

    The snarky ones are my favorite, but I love the serious ones, too. I’d be disappointed if they were subscriber-only, as I’m on a budget, but I’d have to subscribe at that point.

    And I wanted to say, PLEASE, don’t feel like you have to get it out NOW after a show airs. For example with The Spanish Princess, I didn’t always watch the show right away, and of course we all get that life gets away from you. I think we could all be patient!

  15. Barb D

    I do like re-caps, but what what I mainly come here for is the Frockery Snark and the historical commentary you do so well. I have learned a lot about costuming from you ladies. I have always loved costume dramas, but you all have shown me new ways to look at it. For that I thank you.

  16. Myra Edwards.

    I would love to see a review of The Prestige

  17. Charity

    I’d be just as happy with “Here’s the top five hideous outfits on ____ this week and why they are inaccurate. Oh, and here’s my bitch-rant on their treatment of X historical figure” as with the recaps; since if I watch the show anyway, I already know what shit went down in that episode — and if I haven’t seen the show, I don’t want too many spoilers.

    (I love a lot of your posts and they bring me a lot of knowledge and joy, so thank you for whatever you do give us.)

    • Working Mom Having It All

      Oooh, I love this “top 5 WRONGEST outfits on whatever show” idea. Would love this as much if not more than play-by-play recaps.

  18. Nzie

    I really enjoy the recaps. I think the snarky ones are more robustly fun but I appreciate both. I often am not watching the shows live, so I don’t feel like recaps have to come out ASAP—I don’t mind past subsequent episodes, but I would say even if you want to be live with the show you could totally do it just any time before the next one.

  19. Sharon Broom

    I read the recaps but since your time/energy are limited, I’d rather you focused on costume commentary – both respectful and snarky.

  20. Stella

    I honestly like all your recaps for different reasons; some shows I keep up with and want to read discussion on, others I’m only watching now so I like to read whatever you wrote when it aired, others I don’t have time to watch but I do want to keep up with to see what the buzz is about, and others I read because I want to laugh about them without having to watch them :P That being said, if it takes up too much time and you’d rather focus on actual costume analysis, that’d be very understandable and I’d gladly take a dissection of 3 screencaps every week, or kind of a highlight reel at the end of a season!

  21. Amanda Mullins

    The last question about paying for the recaps was a bit like an ultimatum. I used to be a regular reader of frock flicks but have been extremely disappointed lately with the content. It seems like everything is behind a patreon firewall after a teaser post that gets me to click over to the site. It makes me want to unsubscribe.

    • Trystan L. Bass

      “everything is behind a patreon firewall” O RLY?

      We post 5x a week, 4 weeks a month. That’s about 20 articles each month, & only 1 of those is for Patreon subscribers — plus, we sometimes miss a month! We publish around 240 articles a year, & all but perhaps 10 are free for everyone to read. If you peruse our archives, you’ll find PLENTY that’s not behind a paywall.

      We write, research, edit photos, cite sources, & publish all this content outside of our dayjobs, & if it weren’t for the kind, dear, generous Patreon subscribers, we’d also be pouring a lot of money into this website keeping it running for you to read. So sure, we feel justified in giving a little something back, 10-12x a year, to the wonderful people who truly appreciate & support our hard work.

      You can unsubscribe if you want, that’s your choice. Go ahead & read some other blogs, enjoy all their shitty ads & clickbait links — that’s how they make money to pay their bills. Decent webhosting isn’t free, & people deserve to be compensated for their time & skill. Sorry you don’t agree with that.