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One more time, let’s have a showdown of designers against designers and see who comes out on top! Because ya gotta love a competition where we get to be the judge, instead of some stuffy academy! You voted on current designers and classic designers, both from the big screen. Now here are nine of the most prolific frock flick designers from TV. We’ve picked from costume designers who’s major historical work is on TV shows, miniseries, and made-for-TV movies from the 1990s to the present!






Need a reminder of who’s who? Check our archives as you vote…


Why did you vote for your fave? Who did we leave off the list?


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13 Responses

  1. Kate D

    This was a tough one! I was torn!

    Andrea Galer won my vote, mainly for The Way We Live Now and Bleak House, but James Keast’s costumes in Aristocrats, Mike O’Neill’s in Daniel Derona, Anna Robbins’ in Downton Abbey, and Lucinda Wright’s in the Vanity Fair miniseries were all wonderful!

  2. Shashwat

    A comparatively easier one.My choice narrowed down to Eatwell and Keast,but I went with the former because of the restrained,daily wear aesthetic of her costumes,while being historically accurate in construction and opulent in their fabrics.

  3. Kathleen Julie Norvell

    Gotta got with Joanna Eatwell. Although I hated The Miniaturist, the costumes blew me away.

  4. Jennie

    Joanna Eatwell. Wolf Hall is spectacular, and although it is extremely depressing, the Miniaturists outfits are great.


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