Poll: Tell Trystan What to Watch Next


People! My ‘to watch’ queue is so long, I’m overwhelmed, and I can’t decide what to watch! First-world movie blogger problems, I know, I know. But instead of me spending an hour every night scrolling through Netflix, Amazon Prime, BritBox, Acorn, and my Tivo’ed collection to try and decide WTFrock to watch and review for this here blog, I’m throwing it out to you fine folks.

Now, I’m not looking for more things to add to my list, heck no! We already have a running list of stuff readers have suggested (see our tips for recommending frock flicks before you send more along, thanks).

Right now, I’m just trying to prioritize. Vote for your top three out of this list of 40, and in the comments, let me know why you picked what you did.


Please do not add more, I’m already way behind, as you can see!

46 Responses

  1. pandorrah

    I watched “Queens: Virgin and Martyr” a few weeks ago (considered writing up a review for Frock Flicks’ perusal)…10 hours out of my life that I will NEVER get back…but O…M…G! The WhatTheFrockery is right up your alley. Make sure your wine cellar and liquor cabinets are well stocked.

  2. Penny H

    If you can get the DVD version of Women in Love, Ken Russell’s commentary had some really interesting bits about many of the costumes being actual period garments from his wife’s personal collection. Be prepared to be horrified by the story of Ursula/Jenny Linden on the muddy ground wearing one of the ravishing period dresses. (British Academy Film Awards, 1970, best costume design, Shirley Ann Russell).

    I remember how struck I was when reading the book by the bright colors of the Brangwen girls’ stockings. When watching the DVD recently, the stockings were bright but not as bright as I remembered from the book.

    You have to put up with a certain amount of DH-Lawrenceness, which you may rather hate (but hopefully not enough to detract from the costumes).

    Saw this in the theater when it came out.

    Second place: Duchess of Duke Street (though I see it doesn’t need my vote).

    • Terry Towels

      Yes! I voted for those 2 plus Dr. Zhivago– beautiful costumes (they’re probably inaccurate) but the stories will take away the pain of any costume errors. small voice many of us girlz at the time figured out ways to dress like Lara in Dr. Z. I still have the fur-collared coat all these years later. If for nothing else, Dr. Z inspired fashion in the years it came out. (As did Bonnie and Clyde).

  3. Bronwyn Benson

    I didn’t know there was a movie of 10 days in a Madhouse! I picked that because of my love for Nellie Bly. I was close on Easy Virtue and A Promise, though, because if I suffered you ought to as well. ;)

  4. Karen K.

    I also vote for The Duchess of Duke Street! I have fond memories of this series, my mom used to let me stay up late and watch this on Sunday nights back in the day before we had a VCR, much to the chagrin of my father. But you know, it was Masterpiece and we needed our Brit fix.

    I also loved Mapp and Lucia, the snark is strong and the costumes are pretty fab. My third vote goes to the 1970s Poldark. Hated Demelza but there’s some good stuff there, I’d love to know what you think.

  5. Kathy

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on Making of a Lady costumes. I thought a couple were exquisite.

  6. Elizabeth Merritt

    I watched Leonie recently and really loved it. The perspective of a woman making real unconventional choices is so nice to see onscreen. The cultural elements are interesting, too. Her lover is from Japan and she lives there for a while and tries to navigate that different world.

  7. Jacqui Gauld

    1) Rome – SEXY, funny, violent, great acting, some very attractive cast members (Ray Stevenson – sex on legs), what is there not to like?
    2) Mapp & Lucia – gently funny, very English, again great acting but couldn’t be more different from Rome if it tried.
    3) Poldark – unlike Karen K. above, I loved Demelza! I was in my early 20s with a young child and a newly started business but always made sure I never missed an episode when this was originally on in the UK.

  8. MaryD

    Maps & Lucia, because it’s amusing and funny. But try to catch the new version—the costumes are much better.

  9. Karen Lavoie

    Hi Trystan–
    Might I suggest The Duchess of Duke Street? I know you’ll have to pull it out of “The Way-Back Machine” but as it encompasses time before the death of King Edward to WWI and beyond a bit, it should provide some good fodder. Might have to be broken into historical periods for review–would probably take up a few postings but I love her clothes in it. And it goes from work-a-day women to chef lady to prosperous hotel proprietess so there are multiple categories of wear to seize on. And there is mens clothing as well, and some uniforms. I would be very interested to hear your reviews because this time period is so in vogue right now with the costume community. And as it was done so long ago it might be a good example of how costuming has come along (or not).

  10. Lucy

    All I remember about Jamaica Inn when it was on was how dirty the place looked. Mud everywhere! The costumes are boring and heroine spends most of her time with her hair down looking like she has been dragged through a (muddy) hedge backwards. Plus points the lead guy is hot.

    Also it’s very ‘BBC’ now to whisper your lines in a poorly lit room. So you might want to turn up your volume and screen brightness if you decide to watch that.

    Making of a Lady has some lovely costumes but the story goes a bit wacky in parts.

    I would also pass on some of the Indian costume dramas on Netflix. I tried a few and they are very low budget, lots of polyester and plastic jewellery.

  11. Saraquill

    I used to work at one of the Isamu Noguchi museums, and I met the director of Leonie at a film festival. Leonie Gilmore herself was an impressive woman, hence my vote.

      • Saraquill

        I liked it, but the director said her higher ups made her cut out a half hour’s worth of film, a painful process for her. If there’s a director’s cut somewhere, I’d recommend going for that.

  12. Susan Pola Staples

    1) Duchess of Duke Street bc I enjoyed it and costumes run gamut from 1900-1920s.
    2) Leonie for the above mentioned reasons
    3) The Queen & the Eunuch, bc I’m going to also watch it for the Chinese costumes
    4) The Viceroys, sounds interesting

  13. Leigh

    Easy Virtue is an easy watch. Pretty clothes and not a lot of brain power or emotional investment. Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas are just enjoyable.
    Perfect as a pallet cleanser when before you commit so something new.

    • Ms. M

      Seconding Easy Virtue – it’s delightful and not too stressful, with a fun soundtrack and a very dry performance by Kris Marshall.

  14. Perian

    Had to vote for Rome because it’s one of my favorite TV series ever. That said, I’m not exactly convinced of some of the costumes (or Cleopatra). Should be some fun, delightful frockery.

  15. Kaite

    I just picked up Rome from a used music/movie store. I planned on watching it when I’m in the middle of doing all the laundry I haven’t done, but should have done. The ’70’s version of Henry and his 6 victims (err… wives) is better than many that have come out since then. And Nellie Bly is an utterly fascinating person. I would suggest checking out the books/articles too.

    • Gosia

      I think that you have to disable the adblockers in your browser to see a list.

  16. Janette

    I picked and old, Duchess of Duke st, a new, Cezanne et moi and a film I had never heard of because that is always interesting. (Indian I think from the image. have to rush for a train so no time to investigate further.) The one I would love you to review, though it would take time as it is a staggering 26 episodes is the BBC Pallisers. (1971 ish) There are a few issues, styles being used for too long, overuse of the same costume etc due to budget constraints. They really only reflect two periods, crinoline and bustle without any of the inbetween or variations upon but still one of the best series in terms of costume, not to mention well acted, gripping stories etc.

  17. Terry Towels

    I see that Six Wives of old fat henry is getting lots of votes. I recently watched it, and it’s dull, and the costumes few and boring. I remembered it as good, but…not.

    Really, Dr. Zhivago has costumes for the very rich and poor pre- and post-revolution. It’s a truly beautiful movie.

  18. Stella van Ginkel

    I voted for Goya’s Ghosts because it’s the 18th century which is always fun, the old Poldark because I’ve been watching the new one and keeping up with your reviews and I’m interesting to see how the old one holds up & finally Lola Montes because I visited Munich last summer and saw her portrait in the Gallery of Beauties, so why not? Plus a movie from the fifties about a ~scandalous woman~ could be interesting to analyze, I hope!

  19. E

    Bramwells first seasons were really lovely. Upper middle class girl follows in Daddy’s footsteps and becomes Doctor. Opens hospital for the poor of London and is a force to be recond with. I really enjoyed it. And then The making of a lady is full of intrigue and mystery. 😉 With murder thrown in for fun. Although it’s nothing to scary and is more of a mind game then anything else.

  20. Deb

    ROME. I was srsly disappointed when this was canceled. Imho, it never did get enuf attn or luv. Costumes & hair were pretty interesting, but accurate? Dunno.
    THE DUCHESS OF DUKE STREET. Fictionalized, but entertaining, story of real woman Rosa Lewis. Read the book way back when, very much enjoyed her indomitable will.
    FANNY HILL. Erotic novel first published in London in 1748; one of the most prosecuted and banned books in history. Pretty sure I saw 1983 version on TCM one night. It’s worth a look for sh!ts & grins.

  21. Adina

    Honestly, I watched all the way through Razia Sultan, and though it has its interesting moments, it DRAGS ON SO MUCH. I think half the run is spent on the main character trying to get to another city to foil a plot, and by the end of it, he still isn’t in charge of the kingdom. It’s also REALLY CHEESY, like painfully so. Overall; great concept, bad execution.

    The same goes for 10 Days in a Madhouse. The main actress does a great job, but everyone else is half assing it.

  22. Sam Marchiony

    I voted Goya’s Ghosts because I’m trash for Natalie Portman, but it’s also just… ??? Like, it’s directed by Milos Forman, and you can see that he wanted to go even darker than Amadeus and the result is so weird and alienating.

  23. Dawn

    The Sword in the Rose is hysterical, both in plot and costuming. It was aired recently (TMC?) and I was rolling! There’s a lot to be said, but a lot of it is not in favor of historical accuracy (although it at least gets the princess’ name and husband right, unlike The Tudors).

    If that’s the 6 part BBC Six Wives of Henry VIII, that’s pretty good, IMO. Budget was rather limited, as I understand it, but it’s the same people who did Elizabeth R. It’s been a while since I watched it, but I don’t recall too many glaring gaffes.

    My husband is in favor of the original Poldark, which he says is 1000x better than the remake.

  24. Gosia

    Please review “The Viceroys”, because the costume designer was Milena Canonero, one of the best costume designers ever.
    It would be also nice, if you reviewed “Bramwell” as I have it on DVD.

  25. carriecarolin

    My mom and I watched The Duchess of Duke Street together.. the costumes were fabulous and we enjoyed the earnestness of the main character (or was it the actress’s personality shining through?)

  26. Elizabeth

    I voted for Rome because 1. I love it and 2. It has a major case of Bobby Pin Shortage (or whatever the Roman equivalent of a bobby pin was. I think they actually sewed their hair in place). I started yelling “Put your hair up!!!” at Niobe.

  27. totchipanda

    I voted for Rome, because a large penis is always appropriate.

  28. Nat

    The Making of a Lady but only so you can yell through the TV at the protagonist lol xD I started watch La Esclava Blanca and it does have sad things about the slave trade but omg it was too much like a novela/soap opera for me.