Poll: Do You Binge-Watch Frock Flicks?


With multi-episode TV series being pushed to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all on one day, some people enjoy sitting and watching the entire series at once. But TV writers and critics are starting to complain that binge-watching can have negative affects on how shows are created — the pacing becomes rushed without the steady weekly release of a series. Writing in FanSided, critic Sarabeth Pollock suggested: “With so many of us binge watching shows, it’s quite possible that our collective patience as a media consuming audience prefers seeing entire seasons of shows all at once.”

So how’s your patience holding out? Let us know what you think about binging historical costume TV shows in the comments!



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22 Responses

  1. Katie

    Binge watching allows me to watch shows the same way I read a book. I can start and stop where I please, go back and look at something again, and so on. I don’t understand how I watch a show effects how the show is written and presented.

  2. Saraquill

    I understand the complaints in the sense that it’s probably tough to adjust production styles so fast. The other justifications read as complaining that a thing is inherently bad because it’s new.

  3. Jen

    Binge watching grown up TV when you have children isn’t possible.Still trying to get through Outlander…

  4. broughps

    Binge watching should have no affect on production. It’s still going to take so many weeks to write/film/edit a show whether it’s shown on a weekly basis or shown all at once. Mind you that’s the shows with 13 eps or less. The American hour longs with 22 ep seasons do continue to shoot while showing the first half of their seasons. But really, how many of those are binge worthy in the first place?

  5. Sarah F

    I binge some things, but usually if the show is really good I want to make it last, so I watch maybe two at a time. These also tend to be the shows I’m watching with other people, so it’s hard to watch too many at once.
    My binge shows are generally guilty pleasures that I just power through my system and then I’m done.

  6. Nzie

    I don’t binge that much. There have been a couple shows where I did, but mostly no. I don’t really count as binging what I put on during sewing, though, as I wouldn’t watch that long unless I were also sitting at a machine that long. I am kind of surprised; I’d kind of expect myself to be more of a binger, but outside a couple shows, nope.

  7. mmcquown

    I get my video from Netflix by mail. I order a season at a time, but I get only one disk per mailing, so I’m only partially binge-watching.

  8. Karen K.

    I do binge-watch — I often get so caught up in a story that I can’t wait to find out what happens next. I ordered the first season of Downton Abbey on DVD just so I could see the ending a couple of weeks early. I have no shame. But then I am a person that will spend an entire weekend reading a book.

    Of course I’m always really sad when there are no more episodes. Still in mourning for the end of Black Sails, though I wasn’t crazy about the finale.

  9. Barb D

    I’m fairly new to streaming, so I’m catching up on a lot of older stuff. I only subscribe to one service at a time. I watch all I want to see on one service, cancel that, then get another. When there are enough new episodes of something I want I will go back and re-up.

    I started with Brit box thanks to you ladies. You really should get a commission!

    • Constance

      I let Prime expire…so for now, until I buy it again, am getting one app at a time, i.e Acorn or NF etc…also use Hoopla the library app which allows five loans per month, books or video. And loads of Youtube. I can binge as I am disabled, but sometimes like to save episodes if really enjoying. I also love watching a movie of a book I have just read…working through Trollope, Thackeray, etc…and like watching all versions of a favorite.

  10. Kaite Fink

    It depends upon what is happening in my life. For instance, last weekend, and Monday, I was sick. So I comfort binged some stuff. Otherwise, I can usually only fit a couple episodes in at a time.

  11. Charity

    Usually, yes, but I can’t binge-watch an entire show in a day — it’s exhausting after awhile. Have to get up and go do something. :P

  12. Sheila

    Binging really brings out any flaws in the writing, I think. If a show will hold up to binging, it’s likely pretty good in the first place.

  13. MrsC (Maryanne)

    Part of me misses the old days of only free to air TV in three channels (That’s NZ for ya) when you had to wait until the following week to see what happens. Slow burn was a thing. Speculation, discussion, we were less likely to pick up on continuity errors, recycled costumes etc.
    But yes I binge watch a lot of things. Mostly from NetDrawer (TM) the big drawer of DVDs under my TV!

  14. lesartsdecoratifs

    Binge watching is objectively better for very serialized shows with a large cast with a few look-quite-alikes. Incidentally, the two images in this article completely belong to that category. And the latter got cancelled after it was aired episode by episode for three seasons and the former was aired in its native country in huge blocks.