Poldark Season 2 Stream of Consciousness: Episodes 7-9


And we’re down to the finish line on Poldark season 2! I posted my stream-of-consciousness thoughts on the previous episodes, now let’s wrap this sucker up.

Listen up, kids. There REALLY weren’t a lot of visuals worthy of screencapping in these episodes. Caroline was mostly AWOL (off having her baby?). Demelza wore her clunky jackets (except for the party scene, which we’ll discuss below). Elizabeth remained genteel-y poor til near the end.

Plot-wise, yes a lot happened. Ross was a jerk. Elizabeth made some very bad choices. Ross was a jerk. Demelza kicked some serious (and literal) ass. Ross was a jerk. Dwight and Caroline broke up. Ross was a jerk. Stuff happened with various mines. Ross was a jerk. George Warleggan plotted and connived. And, Ross was a jerk.


Poldark season 2

Just, Dwight. Lookin’ all fiiiiiine in his nicely fitted waistcoat and breeches. Yes please!

Poldark season 2


Poldark season 2

FINALLY, a new outfit for Elizabeth! It’s a re-wear of a redingote from The Scandalous Lady W, which we barely got to see in that production, so I’m actually happy to see it again.

Poldark season 2

Everyone was moving too fast, but all the stringy hair under the butterchurn-y caps on the female extras…

eye roll gif
Poldark season 2

I keep spotting these, but it’s been hard to screencap: note the mid- to late-19th century art adorning the main hall of Trenwith.

Poldark season 2

And it’s party time for Demelza, rocking a nicely cut nightgown/robe à l’anglaise with “en fourreau” back. Her hair isn’t accurate to the 1780s, but at least it’s not blowing in the breeze!

Poldark season 2

Despite being a nicely cut dress … let’s make Demelza look like the whore of Babylon!

Poldark season 2

The makeup wasn’t bad! They were clearly trying to make Demelza look like she was trying to be all fancy n’ shit, especially with the beauty patches (which would be semi-old school by now). It worked theatrically in terms of her looking both dressed up and artificial.

Poldark season 2

All the men want to rape Demelza. Lovely! She was stupid, but in the end resourceful.

Poldark season 2

It’s the return of Margaret the Prostitute(TM)! Apparently a former prostitute can mingle with the old-school gentry with no problem, even going so far as to trade very obvious barbs with Demelza in front of others. Hey, at least she lost her magenta streaks!

Poldark season 2

Oh Elizabeth. This is going to work out SO well.

Poldark season 2

Elizabeth is back in the satin redingote, and damn, it doesn’t fit her very well in this scene!

Poldark season 2

HORACE! HORACE! Horace would like some tea and cakes, please.

Poldark season 2

Horace: “IMMA HIDE MOMMA’S BABY BUMP AND SHE GIVES ME ALL THE CAKE!” New gown I think on Caroline, still loose and high-waisted and clearly preggers. Maybe that’s why she ditched Dwight!

Poldark season 2

New blue redingote for Elizabeth! Lovely color, lovely cut and style, lovely fit!

Poldark season 2

And a nice hat for embarking on yet another ill-fated marriage!


What did you think of Poldark season 2?


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21 Responses

  1. Linda Merrill

    Annoyed with the whole season. Would someone in Demelza’s position attend that party alone? Much like Caroline addressing a formal letter to “Dwight” – it didn’t pass the smell test for proper behavior. Ross = ass. I don’t care how gorge his is. Dwight for the win. Elizabeth is a twit and kind of deserves George. He’s been nothing but clear about his intent and desire to ruin and then become the Poldark’s and she aids and abets it. Even Demelza was annoying me.

    • quinnyandco

      I agree entirely. The magic of season 1 was almost totally lost this time around. I haven’t read books 3-4 yet so I’m not sure if this is just because of the nature of the storylines or if it’s simply bad scriptwriting. All of it felt very choppy and awkward (likely due to the cut-down version the US gets, but still) and left me frustrated. Demelza was annoying me, too! But I didn’t like Dwight much last season and really did adore him in this one, so that’s a plus.

  2. opusanglicanum

    I think demelza was sort of meant to look like the whore of Babylon in that dress – wasn’t that the point.

    I suspect the c19th paintings were there because the national trust don’t like moving things, even for film crews, even for bbc film crews

  3. Edith Kemp

    Caroline isn’t pregnant, but the actress playing her is. There are some lovely camera angles and prop placement tricks to hide it..

  4. MR Reagan

    What? No one throwing shade on Elizabeth’s white wedding dress years before Queen Vickie made it fashionable?

  5. ladylavinia1932

    Would someone in Demelza’s position attend that party alone?

    Blame Winston Graham. This sequence is in the “Warleggan” novel. By the way, Demelza is a married who has given birth to two children. She is not some single virign. There was no need for her to be chaperoned.

    What? No one throwing shade on Elizabeth’s white wedding dress years before Queen Vickie made it fashionable?

    What is the point of complaining, considering that so many period dramas from the movies and television are still getting this wrong?

  6. ladylavinia1932

    I suspect the c19th paintings were there because the national trust don’t like moving things, even for film crews, even for bbc film crews

    I forgot to add. I once spotted some paintings in “The Age of Innocence” that looked as if they had been created about two or three decades after the film’s 1870s setting.

  7. ladylavinia1932

    Elizabeth is a twit and kind of deserves George.

    Why do people keep proclaiming that Elizabeth deserved George? Better him than a man who had forced himself on her.

  8. belinepasqBella

    Thank you for this article ! Three remarks :
    – Obviously the letter came through a private messenger.
    – The paintings were already there in season 1 -_-
    – All these women – and Demelza – going out their hair blowing in the wind are really annoying ! Somebody, do something !!

  9. Charity

    I haven’t read the books, but I’d Heard Things that made me refuse to like Ross even in season one when he wasn’t being a total jerk. I’m on team Demelza. :P

  10. AshleyOlivia

    I really liked the blue dress Demelza wore in the final shot of the finale, when she and Ross are standing on the cliffs. You only got to see the gown for a few seconds, so I’m not sure of the silhouette, but the color looked beautiful on her. I really wish they would stop putting her in nothing but dull earth tones. I get that they are trying to create a contrast between Demelza and Elizabeth, but Demelza doesn’t always have to look like she’s rolled in mud.

  11. Susan Pola

    I’m still Team Demelza and I agree with everyone on Ross’ picture being in the dictionary as an example of jerk.
    I really liked Verity’s return, and Caroline, but I LOVED Horace.
    Elizabeth behaved like the lady she is, but I would never marry the evil, mean, and worthless human being, George Warleggen, but I supposed that with Francis’s debt and her children, a well-bred woman had little choice than to remarry extremely well.
    Things to look forward to season 3: More Horace, Demelza telling Ross he’s a jerk, Horace, Caroline in proper clothes (no pregnancy to hide) Horace, Verity, and yes, Horace.

  12. Phoebe

    Hi Kendra! I have a question which has been ticking at me for the last few months and I had absolutely no clue who to ask until I found your website recently!(thank god.)
    So when I watched ‘The Duchess’ 2008 I could help but notice that during the consummation scene between Keira and her husband, as he’s undressing her he’s using a siccors to cut off the overcoat from her corset (forgive my lousy terminology as I’m not a costuming pro like you guys!)
    And I thought, “How weird! that probably just signifies how animalistic he is that he doesn’t even have the patience to untie her dress and instead cuts it off!”

    But then I watched ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ 1984, and in the iconic beginning where they show how 18th century aristocrats would dress upon rising, I noticed that Glenn Close’s dress was being SEWED on. Not even buttoned or laced or whatever, but sewed! I understand you would have your dress sewed on at a seamstress for the first time, but then to have to do that everytime you get dressed?
    And then I thought “How weird! That must take forever, to have to do that every morning to dress, and then to have to cut it off when you undress”
    That really made living without a maid for even one day virtually impossible! Even if you just wanted to wear something simple not have your hair dressed.

    Is this really what they used to do??
    I tried to research on this but found nothing about this type of sewing on of dresses anywhere!

    I’m posting this on your most recent 18th century post, waiting for your reply with my fingers crossed!! Lol

    I know, I have an unhealthy obsession with this period.

    But thanks so much!

    — From an 18 year old girl who loves the 18th century!

  13. Karen Fuller

    I can’t take it!! It’s Dwight Enys (not Ennis). :)

    I love the recaps!