Podcast: Versailles S2, Search Terms, & Patreon


Did you forget we had a podcast in addition to this blog? Yeah, we kinda did too. But we’re aiming to turn that ship around here and podcast more frequently than twice a year or when we get an itch to recap one series of a show. We’re also trying a new format that is part general news and updates in the costume movie world and then a straight-up review of what we’ve been watching lately.

In this first podcast of the new era, we talk about some blog changes on the horizon, upcoming historical costume movies and TV shows, things that go on at Frock Flick HQ, and then we dive into our opinions on the season two premiere of Versailles!

You can listen to this podcast online below or on iTunes.


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4 Responses

  1. Susan Pola Staples

    Thanks for the podcast. Props are definitely given to Terry Dresbach Outlander’s costume designer for the look of Geneva Dunsany’s pregnancy dress.
    Have you heard anything on The Alienist series?

    I am waiting for season 2 of Versailles on Netflix. I agree that Louis & Philippe wear pretty clothes. Is the Princess Palatine in the series the same Princess Palatine, Philippe’s second wife, Elizabeth Charlotte?

    If the banyan is a gorgy as the Fortuny medievalist dresses, I want it too.

    BTW, tomorrow 13 October is Charles Frederick Worth’s 192ND bd .

    • Trystan L. Bass

      Yep, the Princess Palantine will be Philippe’s 2nd wife — & there’s going to be some fun friction between her & Chevalier :)

      No dates for The Alienist yet that I’ve found. I’ve been updating our Upcoming Movies page (see the top navigation on the blog) & some things stubbornly keep having just “2017” which really irritates me!

  2. Susan Pola Staples

    Thanks for the reply.

    Another movie that seems you’ve dropped into release date limbo is the Russian biopic on Mathilde Kschessinkaya entitled – Matilda. There’s some controversy re sex scenes of Nicholas II and her. But the costumes were exhibited at either the Hermitage in St Petersburg or either the Catherine or Alexander Palaces in Tsarskoye Selo.

  3. Nonnymus

    I agree, Elizabeth as well as Demelza have their babies really low. It looked like a watermelon just shoved in under their clothes and it really bothered me.