Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) short review


Positives:  Johnny Depp (yummy) playing Hunter S. Thompson as pirate (see Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for the REAL deal), Orlando Bloom (yum), Keira Knightley in some good (but Hollywood-ized) 1770s-ish gowns, based on my favorite Disneyland ride!  Negatives:  Geoffrey Rush doing that stupid Geoffrey Rush thing he does in every movie, Keira Knightley complaining OVER and OVER about her stupid corset (as though she wouldn’t have been wearing a corset every day since she was about 6ish).  Still fun nonetheless.


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  1. Angie Wilson

    There’s actually a really good idea why Keira’s character was complaining about her corset.

    Elizabeth has lived her entire life in Port Royal, where fashion trends of the time probably take several months to arrive from places like London and Paris, if not years, and has probaby been wearing softer stays where the emphasis was less on shrinking her waist and more on lifting her bust (like a modern camisole with a built in bra), like the one Emma Watson wears in Beauty and The Beast 2017.

    The corset her father buys her was likely intended to be worn by a woman whose body had been corset-trained since age twelve or so, and who would not feel too squeezed by it at all. Elizabeth, on the other hand, hasn’t experienced that, so the amount of constriction probably would feel shockingly painful to her and alter her breathing to the point of her later collapse.