Perry Mason, Season 2 (2020-)


The second season of Perry Mason (2020-) recently dropped on HBO Max and needless to say, I am so here for it! It’s been almost three whole years since the last season! FOREVER AGO!

At the time of this writing, only one episode is available, so I’m not going to be able to go super deep into the costumes (designed by Catherine Adair) quite yet, but I will say that we see some familiar faces return with snazzy new outfits, as well as new characters with even snazzier outfits. The year is 1933, some months after the dust has settled after the sensational events of the first season, and Perry Mason (Matthew Rhys) is getting used to running his law office, with his paralegal-turned-business partner, Della Street (Juliet Rylance).

Let’s be real, this whole post is going to be about everyone’s wardrobes except for Mason. Mason’s still a hot mess.


Della catches up with old friend, Hamilton Burger (Justin Kirk), who is now the LA County District Attorney. If you’re a fan of pinstripe suits and kicky skirts, this is the show for you.


This show does not skimp on wonderful period details, such as this mother and her two children, who are in the courtroom scene at the beginning of the episode. Look at the mom’s Bakelite brooch and slightly out-of-fashion hat! Also loving the bored children.


Della, attempting to not die of boredom during a lunch meeting with a potential client. I’ve been there, girl.


Della’s lunch date. Again, it’s all about the details, no matter how small, no matter how minor the character, that makes this show such a visual feast for costume nerds.


Someone fabulous has entered the chat! Anita St. Pierre (played by Jen Tullock) is an apparently wealthy single lady who could be a potential love interest for Della.


Paul Drake (Chris Chalk, right) has moved with his wife and baby into his brother-in-law’s house while he tries to get a steady job. At the end of the first season, it appeared like Paul was going to work for Mason, but at the start of this episode, it seems Paul is trying to distance himself from Mr. Hot Mess 1933.


Have I said enough wonderful things yet about the hair design on this show? Probably not, because I’m not usually the Hair Expert (that’d be Kendra), but even to my not-as-honed-eye, it’s just spot-on.


It’s Sean Astin! And he’s playing Mason’s dickhole of a client! I don’t care, I love him.


Pete Strickland (Shea Whigham) is Mason’s old private eye partner. He’s turned up again and is as shady as ever. Check out that short tie, though! So 1930s!


Paul looking gorgeous in his camel-colored, herringbone-tweed, three-piece suit as he does some reconnaissance. Love the splash of color in the bright orange and yellow tie!


Aw, I love these two so much! I don’t want anything bad to happen to them! I seriously spent the entirety of the first season worried that one or both of them would come to some horrible end, so now I get to be on edge all over again!


“You hang up first! No you!”


Yay! Lupe (Veronica Falcón) is back! She successfully convinced Mason to sell his family home to her, allowing him to use the money to open his practice. She’s also converted it into a bar without even bothering to remove the family portraits on the walls. I so love how few fucks she has to give.


That covers all the costumes of note for this episode. Are you watching Perry Mason, Season 2 (2020-)? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. hsc

    Okay, this is kind of weird for me because I grew up with the Raymond Burr TV series and it’s hard to see anyone else as those characters– even though I knew the Erle Stanley Gardner source novels dated back to 1933, and had previously been a series of film adaptations and a radio series.

    But damn, that’s good early ’30s costumes! I love it!

    I wonder if they used the six 1934-1937 features as reference material, since they’re still around and WB even released them as a “Warner Archive” set several years back?

  2. Ciara

    I couldn’t get into it. I didn’t like the gospel lady story and her scenes were so long!

  3. Harriet Langston

    I can’t wait to see more of these beautiful costumes. I’m just sorry they couldn’t bring back Tatiana Maslany as Sister Alice. Her “offstage” wardrobe was amazing. I’m a fairly new fan, so I’m looking at your history so see what you did three years ago about Season 1.

  4. SarahV

    No appreciation for Della’s STUPENDOUS red evening dress she wore when she was accompanying Ham Berger? My lord, that was so fabulous I nearly experienced what the poets used to call “the little death.”

  5. Frances

    Happy dance over here that this show is back, and the costumes are as great as the first season. So many original garments! And the mom in court? I HAVE THE SAME LITTLE BAKELITE BROOCH.


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