Perry Mason (2020-): Chapter Twelve


And we’re back with our semi-weekly check-in on everybody’s favorite 1930s law firm! What fashions await us in Perry Mason (2020-), Season Two, Episode Four?

The episode starts off with the cutest baby ever. I’m sorry, I can’t hear your plot over the sound of my ovaries exploding.


FINALLY a good image of Marion’s outfit! Too bad this is one of my least favorite outfits of hers’ so far. I do love those gloves, though.


This is a well-dressed douchebag. That’s all you really need to know.


Della is embodying some real femme fatale energy here. Who is she waiting for…?


Why, it’s the fabulous Miss St. Pierre! Let’s just say that Anita is my hashtag-life goals idol, and get it over with.


I just wanted to show this picture for two reasons. One, Anita’s car, which Reddit tells me is a 1935-36 custom Auburn Boattail Speedster replica, and 2) just how freaking amazing the set and costume design is in this show.


I love this shot. First of all, it shows Anita’s outfit which is legit fire. Secondly, it shows Della with her collar undone. She’s letting her guard down around Anita. Is it going to backfire on her?


I love Anita’s housedress in this scene.


I would not be surprised if it was a vintage piece.


It’s really pretty easy to have a show all about the fabulous people and their fabulous clothes. It’s a lot harder to depict those on the fringes of society in a way that isn’t pandering or stereotyping. One of the things I love about this show is that it gets the high, middle, and lower classes spot on without coming across as insulting to the intelligence of the viewer. I love Mateo’s wife’s dress (on the far right) in particular for this reason. She wears it every episode, because it is her one good dress, and it is just barely fashionable for what someone living in a shanty could afford.


Miss Aimes shows up during a horse-riding excursion for Perry and his son. I love her jeans.


Perry, rocking his inner Indiana Jones.


Checking back in with Paul’s extended family, I wanted to include this shot of his brother-in-law and relations. I love whole look of the fellow in the middle, but you know how I am when it comes to sweaters…


Della arrives to work late, but in a fabulous-yet-professional dress. Gone is the high neckline and the pussy bow … Here is a daring plunging V neckline frock. It looks good on her … wonder if it will stick around…?


Another good shot of Marion! But yet again, it’s kind of a frumpy outfit. Marion, I am pulling for you!


Enter Camilla Nygaard! This is hands down my favorite outfit of the episode.




We wend on Clara, doing a sultry dance for Paul, wearing a wonderful flour-sack wrap dress. I’m still pulling for these two. I will literally break up with this show if anything happens to them.



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6 Responses

  1. Frances Germeshausen

    The classes are so perfectly represented. I love Marion’s frocks – just right for a secretary who’s clearly going to make her mark.

    • Frances Germeshausen

      Remember the grocer? They made enough $$$ with his expansion contracts to pay for the trial.

  2. Cheryl from Maryland

    RE: Anita’s replica Auburn Boattail Speedster, one can see the REAL THING at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, Indiana. There are at least five Boattails there — I would have picked the Cigarette colored one (Cigarette is the 1930s name for cream colored) with red leather upholstery for Anita. Set in a fabulous Art Deco building (the Auburn Car Showroom from the 1930s), it is beautiful, and the happiest museum I have ever been in. It has volunteers who dust the cars several times a day; one told me, I love my work. It has Frank Lloyd Wright’s front wheel drive Cord from the 1950s (he never paid his bill, so they got it back). See fabulous pictures — Yeah, it’s Indiana, but Auburn is a museum town with the attendant culture (brew pubs, coffee shops, etc.).

  3. SarahV

    I would wear everything Della has worn on this show, especially her work outfits. They’re just so timeless and chic and crisp.


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