Perry Mason (2020-) Chapter Thirteen

Episode Thirteen of Perry Mason (2020-) covers a lot of plot but not a lot of costume changes for the principle characters.

Luisa, Mateo and Rafa’s sister, comes to Perry with some information that might be relevant to the case. He meets her in her shanty. She’s wearing the same dress as in the previous episodes, but you get a clearer shot of it so I included it here for posterity.


Not a whole lot to say about these outfits, except for both Della and Perry are wearing short ties, lol. Della’s work uniform seems to be tailored jackets and skirts in deep blues, while Perry frequently appears in rumpled and stained suits (like nearly every attorney I’ve ever worked with).


Nearly everything Della wears during the work day could have been pulled from this 1930s fashion plate.


Perry, Paul, and Della meet up at a Mexican night market to share intel. I just thought this scene was really cool.


Paul is on a side quest, trying to figure out who is bankrolling a local politician. It takes him to a nightclub where he ends up in a very unpleasant situation.


Anita shows up to the trial in a smart orangey-red cardigan and ornately trimmed blouse, which is very 1930s.


Anita takes Della to a lesbian speakeasy, where they relax and enjoy each other’s company.


Anita’s gown reminds me a lot of this 1934 Lanvin pattern.


Meanwhile, Della’s dress shares a lot of similar elements to this 1933 fashion plate.


This is risky business for Della, and who knows who is lurking around trying to catch her in some incriminating act!


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